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El Bara renews Umtiti until 2026 to be able to register Ferran Torres

El Bara renews Umtiti until 2026 to be able to register Ferran Torres

The French center-back, who has not entered into Koeman or Xavi’s plans, agrees to lower his record, one of the highest in the squad.

Umtiti, on January 2, at the Visit Mallorca Estadi de Palma.REUTERS

To great evils, great remedies. Although Samuel Umtiti does not enter into the plans of Xavi Hernndez For Bara (as the current Barça coach has been demonstrating with his latest decisions about the team), the club has finally opted to extend its commitment to the defender until June 30, 2026 and, in exchange, the French has accepted reduce part of the token that must be received in the year and a half that still remained in the contract.

Thus, the club now has sufficient margin in the fair play financial support to register his latest signing, the forward Ferran torres. Right now, his debut against Real Madrid, in the Spanish Super Cup, next Wednesday, depends only on the ex Manchester City recovering from his Covid infection, from which he tested positive last week.

Umtiti’s record, estimated at about nine million euros net per season, was so far one of the highest of the Barcelona squad. Over the past few months, both he and Philippe Coutinho they had repeatedly refused to negotiate any kind of rebate with the club they preside Joan Laporta. The departure of the Brazilian to the Premier, to join the ranks of Aston Villa, however, has already laid the first foundations to make possible the registration of Ferran Torres, which, now, have been solidified with the resignation of the central part of the token that must be received until June 30, 2023.

Knee operation

In this way, in addition, the option of leaving the Camp Nou in the current winter market is greatly facilitated. His high earnings were a hindrance to many teams that might be interested in his release. For now, the only serious option that the player would have had on the table was that of Fenerbahe, which would have finally declined for sporting reasons.

The renovation of Umtiti has been a tremendously surprising move. Above all, because the performance of the French has suffered in the extreme since he decided to ignore his passage under the knife in 2018 to be able to play the World Cup in Russia with the bleus. France finally became world champions for the second time in their history, but the defender’s battered knee has not stopped giving him problems since.

To such an extent that what, in principle, seemed like a more than promising sports career is completely diluted. Last summer, the player’s amendment purpose convinced the current board, which opted to give him another chance rather than rush his departure from the club. His weight in the team, both with Ronald Koeman As with Xavi on the bench, it has not been, despite everything, the expected one.

Dembl’s future

The surprising movement that has been carried out with Umtiti could in turn have a lot to do with the reluctance of Ousmane Dembl to renew your contract. The extreme, whose commitment to the club ends on June 30, is again and again turning a deaf ear to the proposals that come to him from the entity and his agent would have put on the table a series of exorbitant requests to close the operation.

In recent weeks, there has been speculation in the Barça environment with the possibility that the French will finally leave the club to join Juventus or PSG, the two teams that, in principle, would have more options to win a signing than It will arrive with a zero cost in concept of transfer. Renewing it was a priority to be able to adjust the salary mass of the Bara staff to the demands of the fair play to be able to register Ferran Torres. Now, after the renewal of Umtiti, his departure from the Camp Nou, even with the freedom letter under his arm, could be closer than ever.

Reference from elmundo