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El Atltico does not find a remedy for its ailments | LaLiga Santander 2021

 El Atltico does not find a remedy for its ailments |  LaLiga Santander 2021

He suffers his fourth defeat in a row at Los Crmenes, despite going ahead with a goal from Joao Flix. The locals went around with two counterattacks

Luis Milla celebrates one of Granada’s goals.JORGE GUERREROAFP
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  • 10 years of Simeone The call that changed the destiny of the Atlantic

The only thing that the Atltico could celebrate in Granada is that 2021, a dreamy year there in May, a nightmare now in December, is history for them. The fourth consecutive defeat, something never seen since Diego Simeone landed, was consumed by the watchful eye of the Alhambra. There will be no happy birthday for Cholo, than reaching his decade on the bench with the team out of the Champions League positions. With Rayo Vallecano ahead. With just three claws he was lying on the nazar grass. He lacked that punch that his rival had again. He lost his goblin long ago. The both of Joao flix, lofty, would have sufficed at any other time. But not now, where destiny looms threatening. It may not be a coincidence.

This Attic does not enjoy much time for leisure and personal enjoyment. Each satisfaction has been answered lately by a slap that he sees coming, but is unable to avoid. For weeks, except in the conquest of Porto, the opponent’s open hand has just hit his face.

Because for leisure and enjoyment it was the flash of Joao Flix, when he woke up in Granada. In the statistics it will be reflected that Thomas lemar was the author of the assist, but the scribbles of that goal could only be imagined by the young Portuguese. With a slight mocking touch Germn. With a diagonal run I looked for that impossible angle. With a delicate thump I advanced the Attica. And that, which previously hinted at a conquest, now means little. A goal in favor has long ceased to be something definitive for this team.

No one would have thought that Jan Oblak, author of countless miracles until last summer, will cease to be immortal. Now the foreign poison leads to intoxication. Much more, if the gods come down to illuminate the adversary’s boot. It happened four days ago, on the Sanchez-Pizjun, with that remote-controlled lash from Rakitic, which ended up in the squad, and was repeated in the Nuevo Los Crmenes, with a powerful Darwin Machn. The Slovenian goalkeeper matches the crossbar of the ball with his body. As if miracles never existed. This course, every shot to the contrary usually leads to bad news.

The bad streak of Luis Surez

In that first act there were two names above the rest. Apart from Machs, the nazar scorer, Luis Surez. The other Luis Surez, the Colombian, turned into a rock every time he crashed in search of a ball. He could have flipped the scoreboard. And, of course, Joao Flix. The Joao that Simeone longs to find at once. Through his head, because of his freshness, he passed a good part of the destiny of his team. He got to mark the second, but his jump with Surez, with the rival, led to a foul that the VAR did not dare to discuss. And he tried again from above, as if it were Luis Surez, the Uruguayan, his partner, again blurred (eight games in a row without scoring), but the goalkeeper appeared decisive Maximiano.

The afternoon, a dark night in the Andalusian city, seemed written for Joao. It would have been able to take the Alhambra, floating as it was on the grass of Los Crmenes. His was a demonic shoe that crashed unceremoniously into the post and, paradoxically, unleashed a lethal counterattack from the Granada certified among the veteran Jorge Molina, with the knee made some foxes, and the VAR. The slip of Kondogbia it was key. Oblak, in what is on the way to being a curse, once again followed the unpleasant mouth of the ball with his eyes.

Strap to heaven

He walked again through the mud, against the tide, the Atlantic, as he has been doing for a month. It was not inferior, on the contrary, however, each impact of the adversary unleashed a dizziness. And he launched himself down the slope in search of Maximiano’s goal, convinced that the Nazar wall would fall at some point. He was wrong again. The barbed wire of Robert Moreno it was insurmountable. As much as Lemar and Joao would draw the pencil. strap he met the sky and Cunha with the hard ground. The point is that nobody managed to straighten the course.

Now it is the Atltico who receives from that dose that he previously supplied to his rivals without any regard. In two counterattacks he was again lying in the gutter. That is why Simeone will not be able to celebrate his tenth birthday in peace. That’s why the four consecutive defeats with which the year ends. It only remains to trust that the chimes break the spell. Maybe it will all end there.

Reference from elmundo