Home Sport Dustin Poirier beats McGregor in the first round after fracturing his tibia

Dustin Poirier beats McGregor in the first round after fracturing his tibia

Dustin Poirier beats McGregor in the first round after fracturing his tibia

The outcome did not please some fans, who were disappointed by the quick outcome and booed “The Diamond” Poirier.

McGregor leaves the fight after breaking his left tibia.GARY A. VASQUEZUSA TODAY SPORTS

The American Dustin Poirier He won by technical knockout (rupture of the left tibia) in the first round of the Irishman Conor mcgregor, the biggest star in mixed martial arts history, in their second rematch fight.

The triumph left Poirier with the second consecutive victory and ready for the assault on the world lightweight title.

In the final moments of the first round, Mcgregor He misplaced his left foot and his leg buckled, sending him to the mat. The match referee Herb Dean terminated it.

The outcome did not please some fans who completely filled the capacity in the T Mobile from Las Vegaswho were disappointed by the swift denouement and booed at “The Diamond” Poirier.

“Anyone who booed me can kiss my ass,” declared Poirier in his post-fight interview. “I beat the boy.”

Poirier dominated the first round before he got injured Mcgregor and he never allowed the Irish fighter to take the initiative.

“His threats did not work on me. I wish him a speedy recovery. I’m not sad. It was easy for him. Sometimes these things happen,” he said. Poirier.

For its part, Mcgregor I anticipated that defeat was not the end of anything. “This is not over. The only thing it does is to heat up the fourth fight more. I hit, I felt bad and in the end I broke my leg,” said the European fighter, who was taken out of the octagon on a stretcher, while Poirier He becomes the number one contender for the lightweight title and, for now, ends a rivalry that was born seven years ago.

McGregor, operated this morning

Poirier had also won Mcgregor by nocut on January 21 at Abu Dhabi, in what was the second fight between the two.

The rivalry was born when Mcgregor I beat Poirier by knockout in the first round in the first match between the two in 2014. This time the 32-year-old Irishman was looking for his first win since January 2020, while his rival of the same age (28 wins and five losses) achieved his third victory. consecutive.

‘The Notorius’ has a record of 22 wins and 6 losses in the UFC, 4 of them have arrived in their last 6 fights. Versus Nate daz in March 2016, against the Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov, in October 2018, and against Poirier.

Precisely, “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov commenting on the new defeat of Mcgregor, the Russian fighter said he was happy for Poirier.

The president of UFC, Dana White, reported that Mcgregor be operated on this morning and I anticipated that Poirer fight for the UFC lightweight title against the Brazilian champion Charles Oliveira, and then when Mcgregor recovered, he will probably have a fourth fight against “The Diamond”.

“When Conor is healed and ready to fight, I guess we’ll have a rematch,” White commented.