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Duplantis skates by surprise to Filipino Obien’s glory in Brussels

The Swede failed in 5.91m, which was overtaken by an unexpected winner. Jacob Kropp wins 5,000 with sixth best score in history (12:45.71)

Ernest John Obiena, after winning in Brussels.Stephanie LecockEFE

There are reports of defeat many times in sports competitions. This goes against the first law of information. that armand duplantis Being defeated in the Dhruv Vault acquires a significance of the unusual and an almost incomprehensible resonance. And the highly populated King Baudouin Stadium, formerly Hessel, had the originality to enter the Diamond League’s twelfth round milestone.

The Swedish event failed at 5.91 (when was the last time he lost on the track and did not exceed six metres?) and stayed at 5.81. Filipino Ernest Obena Yes, he conquered them and marveled, overwhelmed with honour, perhaps even grateful to fate, he didn’t want to jump anymore, for what? Tell this to your grandchildren.

Duplantis after knocking down the bar in Brussels.Olivier MathisAP

corresponds to the great sign of the meeting jacob cropy in 5,000 metres. The Kenyan, running with almost ethereal ease, without giving the slightest impression of effort, finished in 12:45.71, the year’s best world record and sixth in history. Everyone got inspired. American Grant Fisher Performance 12:46.96, field record (USA). nicholas kipkorik, 12:50.97. The first six fell from 13 minutes.

The stadium took its breath away yaroslava mahuchikhi, always dyed his eyelashes in the blue and yellow of his Ukrainian homeland, and after jumping 2.05, he attempted to set a 2.10, a world record. Taking into account that the current (2.09) is in charge of the Bulgarian since 1987 Stefka Kostadinova, the company offered the luxurious trim. He didn’t miss too long and he made the possibility known to him that was within his grasp.

Quirky’s return to competition? Shakari Richardson Offered a complementary bait at a range of about 100 meters high. American was not bad (10.93). But, fifth, she got no chance against Sherrika Jackson’s usual Jamaica Thunderstorm (10.73) and Shelly-Ann Fraser,price (10.74), who stumbled a bit in the final meter and let his compatriot win. Marie-Jose Ta Lu never wins, but she maintains a high record level. Ended at 10.78.

winger’s record

Impressive Jasmine Camacho-Quinney, the “queen” of Puerto Rico, in front of most of the “creme” of the 100 m hurdles. With 12.27, a hundredth of his personal record, he got rid of the American, despite a clearly better start. From the excellent Tia Jones (12.38) and former world record holder Kendra Harrison (12.40).

Women did great things. Kara Winger, at age 36, broke the American javelin throw record with 68.11. Also, the best world brand of the year. he is half old Jacqueline ChepcoachLast year’s under-20 world champion, a young continuation of the Kenyan tradition who raced 3,000 hurdles with a 9:02.43. Irene Sanchez-Escribano He can no longer handle his long season. It was thirteenth with 9:31.33.

very good number of Irish Clara Magan (3:56.63), who endured Laura Muir’s final lease (3:56.86). The first eight classifieds fell below four minutes. Marta Prez, who is also thirteenth with 4:09.27, also weighed her shoes. And only Dominican Fiordaliza Cofil fell under 50 seconds in the 400m (49.80).

Mariano Garcia’s Fatigue

mariano garcia You must be very tired. This year one has to put in a lot of hard work, with many emotions to be sorted out. Still, and although in seventh place in some 800 victories Jake WhitemanHis hunting at the European Championship was 1:44.86 with a personal best of 1:43.65, his hundredth.

a lazaro martínez This gave him time to win the triple jump (17.49) before getting injured. And there was a lot of interest to see, in 200 meters, Cuba too Rainier Mena, Recent World Wonder, a revelation, with 19.63 in early July. Hope weighed on him and he was only fifth with 20.38 in some easily dominating races erion knight 20.07 ahead of Dominican Alexander Ogando (20.18). We have to attribute the relative poverty of the brand to a headwind of 2.9.

Alison Dos Santos He regularly ran the 400 hurdles with a good score (47.54) and is about to get his diamond in the Zirich final on the 7th and 8th. There he and all those with equal security and different possibilities, will get the same prize.

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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