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Duplantis achieves best outdoor pole vault mark: 6.16 in Stockholm

armand duplantisKing of the pole vault, the world record holder (6.20 on the indoor track in Belgrade in March) backed out with 6.16, the best world record in outdoor history, let’s say, a “world record”. , its absolute dominance in the specialty.

Wherever he competes, he is one of the brightest stars in athletics. Lots more in Stockholm. Born in the United States, the son of an American and a Swedish mother, he chose to represent his mother’s country and spent more and more time in Sweden, where he already has a home, and on the other hand, where than, he finds it easier to travel to European rallies.

put some pressure on it Christopher Nilsey being greater than 5.93. World I responded immediately by doing the same, preceding thiago brazu, who rose above that height in spite of difficulty. And that’s where the story ends. The Americans and Brazilians were not high, and Duplantis went to 6.03. And then, on his second attempt, to 6.16, a beautiful capica. The Duplantis maintains its technical excellence and, moreover, is more muscular without losing its lightweight structure than other pole vaulters. Their ability to progress remains intact.

The meeting began with the general exhibition of the eighth of the Diamond League, the last before the World Cup in Eugene, which begins on the 15th. femke bowl In the 400 meters hurdles. We’d be excited about his 52.27 if we still weren’t dazzled by the recent world record Sydney McLaughlin (51.41), achieved in the United States Championship, which has worked as tests Selection for the World Cup.

But, even in the men’s category, he did not lag behind. Alison Dos Santos, which is the same age as Bol (22). He turned out like a flash, determined to set a luxury record. And to believe he did it: 46.80, the year’s best world record. karstel warholmTo recover from an injury, haven’t been able to discuss it.

In the 100m dominated by South Africa, the Americans were remembered as guarding arms for the World Cup Akani Symbine With 10.02 we think testsin Fred Kerle (9.83 in the heats, 9.76 in the semifinals and 9.77 in the finals) and in six men in less than 10 seconds.

The javelin throwers engaged in a close fight a little above 90 meters and a little below. Great level set, therefore. anderson peters (Grenada) Olympic champion, won by 90.31 ahead of Indian Neeraj Chopra (89.94, national record) and German Julian Weber (89.08). the same fight offered the discus Christian Seeho Persecuted by young Lithuanian (19 years old) in lead (70.02) (69.81) mykolas alexonson of legend virgilijus alexon,

mekal dropout

Kelly HodgkinsonThe technically delicious British twenties, paid for the most part of the 800m run down lane 2 and bowed to the Kenyan (1:58.18) Marie Moraes (1:57.68). He is unable to make weak marks. equal Jasmine Camacho-QuinneyOlympic champion of the 100 hurdles, tough again (12.46).

Adele Mechali She has worn a lot of tutes this season. Exhausted, he left in a spectacular 3,000m, which saw the victory of a South Sudan native, a refugee in Switzerland, one of the most unfortunate countries in the world, Dominic Lobalu (7:29.48, world best record of the year), falling behind in the last centimeter jacob kiplimo (7:29.53). Apparently he wants to double the 1,500 and 5,000 in Eugene. You should focus on only one test. adrian benoHonoring his grand finale, he started in sixth place (1:45.85) in nearly 800, resolved to the surprise of the Algerian. silman moura (1:44.60).

The Diamond League’s next appointment after the World Cup will be in Chorzow (Poland) on 6 August.

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