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Djokovic: “Nadal is no longer my son’s favorite, now he is Alcaraz”

Djokovic: "Nadal is no longer my son's favorite, now he is Alcaraz"

The Serbian shares training with Spanish tennis great Mercian in Madrid. Both made their debuts on Tuesday against Monfils and Basilashvili respectively.

Djokovic during training at the Magic Box in Madrid.AP
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Novak Djokovik Revealed a familiar curiosity during a conversation on the Mutua Madrid Open Twitch channel. The Serbian assures that his son’s favorite tennis player, who once used to be Rafael Nadal, is now Carlos AlcarazuWith whom he shared a training session this Monday.

Madrid was the number one guest on the occasion in the world through a channel created for this edition by the event’s organization. Djokovic revealed the change in criteria for his son, who had hitherto been a Balearic player, as a reference to the Serbian player who was recognized after the Australian Open final, when he remarked that he would win her. Did not want Daniil Medvedev And this encouraged the Spanish, who eventually won the title.

“The novelty in recent months is that, Nadal is no longer number one for my son, he is Alcaraz. change my favorite, But he copies Rafa on the court,” added Djokovic.

The Balkans shared training with Carlos Alcaraz on one of the outer courts of the enclosure amid great anticipation. Both players monopolized more interest than areas where the competition had already begun.

Serbian tennis players will make their debut in the competition on Tuesday. They will face France in the second round. Gail Monfilswho beat the spanish this monday Carlos Gimeno 6-3 and 6-0. Alkaraj will also debut. Mercian will have Georgian as his first opponent Nikoloz Basilashvilik He defeated Fabio Fognini of Italy 7-5, 6-4 in the first round.

“he beat me”

“Djokovic beat me. Adapting to the height is not easy and I see it in Madrid these days,” Mercian assured after training on the tournament’s official Twitch channel. The tennis player from El Palmar was asked about the coincidences that have led him to compare him to Rafael Nadal, something that made him smile.

Alcaraz during his first doubles match in Madrid.EFE

“Honestly, coincidences are coming and I can’t say how different I am from Rafa. The coincidences are incredible. Also god date, same day top-10… I don’t want to compare with Rafa but everything is coming this wayhe declared.

Alcaraz will face his second partnership at the Matua Madrid Open. In 2021 he celebrated his 18 years in the tournament and was knocked out by Rafa Nadal, losing them 6-1 and 6-2. “I remember the week as if it was yesterday and it was great to play with the guys in Spain. Now we’re going to try to win tomorrow to play here again on my birthday. I remember that public attendance was limited due to the pandemic, but still I felt affection“, I confess.

In addition to competing in the singles draw, Carlos Alcarz is also competing in the doubles. mark lopez, “He wrote to me saying he was going to play his last tournament and he was looking forward to playing with me in Madrid. We are going to try to retire him in style,” he concluded.

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