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Djokovic liquidates Rublev with little wear and tear and qualifies for the semifinals

Djokovic liquidates Rublev with little wear and tear and qualifies for the semifinals

He beat the Russian, hasty and erratic, 6-3 and 6-2. The number 1 in the world, who hit 14 direct aces, knew how to interpret the game well

Djokovic, at one point in his match against Rublev.MARCO BERTORELLOAFP

A little bit of Djokovic is a lot when the enemy doesn’t offer too much. This was the case of Andrey Rublev, unrecognizable against the Serbian after the magnificent game he signed against Tsitsipas. Projected for his success in the service, with which he added 14 aces, and for the good sense when it came to understanding what was happening, the number 1 in the world was enough to let his rival crash alone, a victim of speeding. in their conduct. I won 6-3 and 6-2, in one hour and eight minutes.

Winner at the beginning of the season in Rotterdam, Rublev has not managed to exceed the accredited tone in 2020, when he took five tournaments and debuted in these ATP Finals, although he is more regular. Fifth in the world, this 24-year-old has good conditions often devalued by his temperament; You lose your momentum too many times, you make mistakes in making decisions.

As in the first game, in front of Casper ruud, Djokovic took off badly, with too many errors. He lost his kickoff and had to break a stone in the initial stretch. It is striking what the Serbian has done in the course that he leaves without sustaining a cruising rhythm. Far from himself in some trances, he made three Grand Slam titles his own, played the final at the US Open and has already been guaranteed to finish for the seventh year (not consecutive) as number 1.

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He knows how to interpret the games and chooses the moments well to plan the getaway. So he did it again against Rublev, with a second break in the eighth game he certified below with service, one of his best weapons on the Turn table.

The Russian beat Nadal last spring in Monte Carlo and defeated Federer in Cincinnati in 2019, but had not yet faced Djokovic. The fact of arriving at the game with a victory, the one achieved against Tsitsipas, which has been replaced by Cameron norrie After leaving the tournament due to an injury to his right elbow, it did not lead him to function with greater freshness, but rather played stressed, as if his life depended on the match.

His hasty endeavor proved futile. Djokovic soon broke the second set and went for another victory in the tournament. It was a match to ask of the mouth, to the extent that it did not force him to a great deal of wear. More difficult appointments will come, if not against Norrie, his next adversary, in the closing of the Green Group, this Friday, from the semifinals. It has been in them since Tuesday Daniil MedvedevRight now his worst enemy, despite the fact that the Balkan was able to take a small revenge in the Paris-Bercy final after the drama suffered against him at the US Open.

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