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Djokovic “didn’t know” he was positive when in public, according to his mother


He did not know why when he realized that it was positive he went to isolation, “he said, after which he suggested that it would be better to consult the tennis player

Djokovic’s parents and brother at a press conference in Belgrade.Darko vojinovicAP
  • Alex hawke The controversial lieutenant, grandson of refugees, who has the future of Djokovic in his hands
  • Visa Australian Government investigates whether Djokovic lied on his travel form

Tennis player Novak Djokovic probably “I did not know” that he was infected with covid-19 when he interacted without a mask with the public in Serbia, his mother argued in a television interview on Wednesday.

The world’s number one tennis player, who is not vaccinated, was spotted in Belgrade after he tested positive for coronavirus on December 16. Having contracted the virus allowed him to obtain a medical exemption to enter Australia.

On December 17, one day after the positive PCR test, he attended a luncheon for the release of Serbian stamps with his image, and appeared without a mask with young tennis players in Belgrade.

“He probably didn’t know,” his mother Dijana told Australian television channel 7. “He didn’t know why when he found out that it was positive he went to isolation,” he added, after which he suggested that it would be better to consult the tennis player.

The Serbian Prime Minister, Ana BrnabicHe said that it would be a “clear violation” of the country’s sanitary rules if the tennis player was in public knowing that he was infected. “If you are positive, you have to be isolated,” Brnabic declared in an interview with the BBC. It was not clear when the player found out about the result, he added. “The only one who can answer this is Novak”, indic.

Doubts also arose in Australia about a response the 34-year-old tennis player gave in his travel statement, submitted before taking the flight to Melbourne. In the document, released by the federal court, it indicated that he had not traveled in the 14 days prior to the flight.

One of the images of Djokovic in Marbella.KMJAP

The document states that “giving false or misleading information is a serious offense” and can lead to your entry to Australia being barred for three years.

Djokovic told immigration officials upon arrival at Melbourne airport that his travel documents were completed by your agent, according to a transcript released by the court.

However, there is clear evidence that Djokovic did travel during that period. There are pictures of him in Belgrade on December 25 with the Serbian handball player Petar Djordjic, who uploaded the images to his Instagram profile. While on December 31st, the SotoTennis academy tweeted a video of Djokovic training in Marbella, Spain, and on January 2 his photo appeared in the South newspaper when he played for the Puente Romano club in that coastal town.

Djokovic arrived in Melbourne on January 5 and your visa was canceled upon arrival, which led to the legal dispute that ended with the judge’s decision reversing the cancellation.

The Australian government still has the possibility of canceling the visa again by decision of the Minister of Immigration, Alex Hawke, who has not commented on the matter.

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