Home Sport Di Mara gives Messi his first title with Argentina

Di Mara gives Messi his first title with Argentina

Di Mara gives Messi his first title with Argentina

The PSG forward dictates sentence with a solitary goal in what must be the great duel between the captain of the albiceleste and a Neymar who was stopped to the limit by his rivals

ngel di Mara celebrates the Copa America after the final against Brazil in Maracan.ANTONIO LACERDAEFE
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Leo Messi finally achieved that dream so desired: to be a champion with Argentina. He did not sign, far from it, his best match. They controlled him a lot, So much so that he had his option to consecrate himself, but, before the goalkeeper, he, who very seldom forgives, seemed to be alone before the abyss.

Neymar, with whom the Albicelestes were mercilessly employed, for his part left some spark of quality, but could not prevent Brazil live a lucky second maracanazo that, as he himself confessed before the duel, it would not be so: many compatriots wanted to see the albiceleste captain lifting the title. Something that Say Mara will come true with a 1-0 that will be immovable. And the Brazilian, in the end, congratulated his good friend melting into a hug on the grass.

As much as Messi Y Neymar were named ex aequo best players in the tournament before the ball even started rolling on the Maracan, the two stars signed a rather discreet first part. The Argentine, of course, made him want to. I really want to.

He pushed like a youngster and had no problem going to the clash with force to get the ball. But whenever he had it more or less under control, he had several rivals on him. Overwhelming him. Exasperating him. The crack of PSG, of course, I received a similar treatment. Hence he went to the locker room even with his pants made of foxes.

In the first 45 minutes there was more desire to mark territory than football. Neymar, precisely, he had in his boots a first warning that crashed in the rival rear. Argentina, on the other hand, they did not forgive in the first one they had. Say Mara, the best on the grass of that first half so stuck, after starting at the limit of the offside and taking advantage of a Renan lodi, imprecise when looking for the cut, he was in charge of turning a precious long displacement of From Paul with a subtle touch on the output of Ederson.

Only 21 minutes of the duel had been played and the albiceleste, almost as during the entire tournament, was again ahead on the scoreboard. It was of no use to Brazil clench your teeth and splurge more in attack to find the equalizer.

Qatar on the horizon

The 1-0 remained until the break, Tite I looked for a revulsive with the input of Firmino and the canarinha he turned his need to seek the tie into virtue. Richarlison He had two great options to make it 1-1. The first was invalidated for offside, while in the second he found the Draw Martnez.

NeymarMeanwhile, he asked for a penalty after a collision in the area. And the same did Messi shortly after. In both cases, without consequences. Argentina He could only respond with sparks to the barrage of the Brazilians, always more willful than successful.

Little by little, the shock resumed its initial intensity. Y Neymar, as always, took more than one jam. The pica, at times, alienated itself with the iron defense of the Scaloni, ready to do anything to keep the 1-0 as gold in cloth and with Otamendi growing in the most desperate moments. Gabriel Barbosa he could well attest to it.

All in all, the best option would be Messi, at sunset, after starting from the spinal cord and combining with From Paul, that left him alone before Ederson. The Argentine captain was left half.

He neither looked for the shot nor managed to dribble the rival goal, who agonically managed to disrupt what could have been his full consecration with the albiceleste. A distaste that, surely, was erased with a stroke of the pen when he raised the first trophy of Argentina in 28 years. His first title with the absolute: the America Cup. With Qatarcertainly on the horizon.

Messi: “It is inexplicable what it feels like”

Hours after the game, Leo Messi was still excited by his first conquest with the albiceleste after several disappointments: “It’s crazy. What he feels is inexplicable. I had to leave sad and I knew it was going to happen to me. I deserved. I’m happy, “he pointed out the 10th.

The 34-year-old Albiceleste captain took off his heavy backpack loaded with three lost Copa America finals (2007, 2015 and 2016). “I needed to get rid of the thorn to win something with the National Team. It was many, many years. I knew that at some point it was going to happen. It was in Brazil and beating Brazil. I am very grateful,” he told reporters while hugging the trophy that was given to him. had denied on several occasions.

“You have to take advantage of this. I already told the boys that they are the future of the national team. And they have already shown it. I already knew the boys. It is a spectacular group. I feel happy being part of them. These 45 days have ended. impressive way, “he added.