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Details of Luis Rubiales’ new salary after expected assembly

The President of the RFEF will receive a fixed salary of €675,761.87 gross (371,669.03 net) plus 3,000 for housing rentals without fixed variables. In 2021, it will be 634,518.19 . was

Luis Rubiales greets Luis Enrique at the Ciudad del Ftbol de las Rojas.RFEF
  • RFEF New salary of Luis Rubiales approved: 675,761.87 Euro per year and 3,000 per month for housing rental assistance

For two and a half hours, the auditorium of the Ciudad del Ftbol de las Rojas was attentive to what came out of his mouth. louis rubiales During the long-awaited assembly of the RFEF. Although some like Joan LaportaVisible Head of FC Barcelona, ​​and ater elisagi, still Athletic Bilbao’s top manager, both members of the Spanish Federation’s board of directors had a thoughtful and pleasant conversation. he did it by doing Andrew Camp, Secretary General, supported the management of Rubiales with a rain of data. They did it, probably, without knowing it was through a live camera. streaming I focused them well.

It was the two-and-a-half hours in which the president tried to nail his nails without much fanfare, after weeks of audio and information that had not left him in a good place: Gerard PiquéHis salary, Saudi Arabia Super Cup… So, after handing over the second division champion trophy Turkish Al-AlshekhiThe president of Almería began his speech: “It seems that the Federation employees are giving information illegally. This is overwhelming. They want to generate a lot of noise when nothing can be taken away or criticized from the management. And he added: “Such attacks are not equated with management.”

delete variable

But there was a point in the day, in the loudest discourse of two and a half hours, in which Rubials voluntarily decided to abstain. The destination of his salary under investigation was being voted on due to variables generated by new contracts for the RFEF, and he announced that he was going to a nearby room to watch it on television. From that TV, he saw that 83 attendees voted in favor of his new payroll and only one did not participate. There was no one except a few.

Retrospectively, and at the request of Rubiales himself, from January 1, 2022 he will charge 675,761.87 euros (371,669.03 net) gross per year, to which he will add 3,000 gross monthly (1,650 net) for housing rental assistance. In 2021, he received 634,518.19 gross (339,237.12 net), not counting his earnings in UEFA. So, since yesterday, it has consolidated and reached last year’s numbers.

Until now, according to RFEF statutes, most of the president’s salary (75%) was variable. This has come from contracts and sponsorships signed under their mandate. it was like this since the arrival of Angel Maria Villaro, in the 90s, where the fixed did not exceed 160,000 Euro gross. In 2018, when Rubiales wins the election, the fluctuating amount skyrocketed.

Super Cup, “A Lifeline”

“There are people who compare me to the president of the government, but this is a private sporting entity. The chairman of the RFEF is one of the lowest earners. Sometimes we compare pears to apples,” he said, before the gaze of national coach Luis Enrique.

Some thorny issues were resolved, such as the Super Cup Saudi Arabthat could well have been Queue, as Rubials recognized again. «There was an offer of 33 million (they are 40 received from Arabs) they were conditional on the acceptance of Qataris. Had he accepted, we would have left. The Super Cup has become a lifesaver, we have grown from 120,000 euros to 40 million,” he patted his chest.

Two and a half hours passed, the trip to New York was also discussed – “it was a work trip with fully recognized meetings, and if anyone wanted to lie later, they would lie,” he explained convincingly – and Rubiales walked away with a smile and a thought epilogue: «We are going to continue with rigor as a flag in the face of lies and manipulation».

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