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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Demble and Lewandowski, heads and tails in Barra’s win against New York Red Bulls

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The French put the Catalan forward while the Pole, despite having several options to break his drought, is still in denial in front of the goal.

Ousmane Dembele, the author of the first goal against the NY Red Bulls.Ira L BlackAFP
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Usman Demble and Robert Lewandowski They are, right now, Bara’s forward heads and tails. While the Frenchman wins a sweet moment in front of the goal and ends the tour of the United States with a poker scorer, New York Red Bull, after beating Azulgrana in a 0–2 victory against Pole, is still the opponent. Refused to face the goalkeeper. It doesn’t matter how much you sacrifice, how hard you work, or how much you want. His first goal as a Barca player did not come, despite the fact that in training he continues to demonstrate his proverbial punch. So, when the ball repeatedly resisted hitting the net, he couldn’t help but smile nervously and pointed out the situation.

And that Xavi, of course, opted to keep it in the top as maximum reference, despite taking advantage of the last friendly of the Tour of the United States to test new ones in his starting team. frankie de jongAt last, he returned to the center of the field, but the great novelty was looking at the dumbbells and rafinha Forefront. The former Bayern player, of course, displayed his usual sacrifice for the lower balls and the press, but the goal, for now, insists on turning his back on exactly what the striker values ​​most. And on the other hand, he had unbeatable options to ward off all his demons.

After passing several defenders inside the box, Lewandowski sent the ball over the crossbar, before his many chances were really clear. Later, he watched as Coronel, the goalkeeper of the New York Red Bulls, frustrated up to three equally unbeatable choices. On top of all that, one that Demble nearly left him at the silver plate, but the Brazilian goalkeeper nearly ejected it with the tip of his left foot in search of a pole cross shot. The French, right, and Rafinha devoted themselves to taking the opponent’s defense down the road with dynamism and even, exchange of positions, that the two can play perfectly together will be fully emphasized MosquitoThe author of 0-1 when the game was looking for rest after assisting Brazil.

Xavi, aware of how important it was for Lewandowski to finally celebrate a goal as a Barra player, left him on the pitch for more than 70 minutes. And Pole, of course, worked hard, not forgetting his generosity when it came to moving the ball, if a teammate was in a better position than him. with everything, He could not take advantage of that extra time to break his losing streak., Mira replaced Coronel under sticks at the New York Red Bull, in which case, he was in charge of her avoidance on two occasions. The first, after the ball was poisoned while touching a defense. Second, followed by a forceful shoe from the tip.

With Lewandowski already on the bench, Barra continued to search for options to increase the distance on the scoreboard, but after Edelman’s departure, he did not have the required goal to replace him against an opponent who would end the match with a lesser player. Will play the last segment. with a red card straight for the tough post Paul Tower, Despite the gruesome action, the Spaniard had no problem finishing the game, the last for Azulgrana on North American soil and who was sentenced by Memphis three minutes from the end of regulation with a final 0–2.

Xavi’s men will, in fact, not play again until next Sunday, when they face Puma in the traditional Joan Gamper Trophy. A meeting for which Mingueza, almost certainly, will no longer be available. The defender, who is not part of Xavi’s plans and did not even make the tour, as announced in a statement by the club, will be transferred to Celta if he passes the mandatory medical examination without any problems. will be given.

New York Red Bull: Colonel, Cesares, Harper, Climala, Long, Luquinhas, Morgan, Sean Neelis, Reyes, Tolkien and Yearwood. Also playing: Mira, O’Fori, Neelis, Endam, Mullings, Edelman, Servadda, Amaya, Fernandez, Clarke, Barlow and Ryan.

barcelona: Ter Stegen; Araujo, Christensen, Eric Garcia, J. alba; s. Busquets, de Jong, Gavi; Demble, Lewandowski and Rafinha. He also played for: Anu Fati, S. Roberto, Casey, Pedri, Nico, Aubameyang, Pajnik, Balde, Memphis, Iyaki Matar and Pablo Torre.

target: 0-1: Dembbells (minimum 40). 0-2: Memphis (min 87).

yellow card: Araujo, Cesares, Pick, Mullings.

red card: Edelman (minimum 82).

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Reference from www.elmundo.es

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