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David Ancelotti’s warning to Carraletto about the ‘drought’ of Alaba and Asensio | LaLiga Santander 2021

“Let it come out quickly, he’s going to shoot it,” another Madrid coach told Ancelotti. And Alaba scored 1-2 runs. Asensio, Without Minutes: “There’s Time Until August 31st”

Alaba hugs Benzema after the goal.George WarriorAFP
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There are two examples that serve to fully understand what it is real madrid of Carlo Ancelotti, For the first you have to go back to the last whistle of European Super Cup, In Helsinki, the Italian coach relaxed and sat on the winner’s podium with the champion’s medal around his neck. to your right, Adder Militao, on your left, casemiro, Started joking with both of them. The young central defender has become a father for the first time and the veteran midfielder serves as the older brother of the team’s Brazilian clan, which also includes Vinicius Junior You Rodrigo Gos, One might guess that post-match conversations would involve a lot of critical reflection on football’s little strategy and maintaining the coach-player connection, which are almost more important than any technical instruction.

Whether the theory is true or not, the reality is that four days later white team veterans Militao and Casemiro, were the protagonists of the rotation of caralettoIn almeria, From Finland’s 90 minutes to the bench in the league premiership. and without complaints, voices or bad faces. The centre-back did not jump to the ground and the midfielder entered the final stretch toni crossowho shared the initial alignment tachoumani and camavingaquit Luka Modric Even in the bank. Football isn’t quite as simple as a video game and the rotation can take a toll on the locker room, but Ancelotti said “better environment“Those Who Are Remembered” valdebebas For a long time. One of the keys to the Madrid transfer market is: ego, out.

and a player who has understood that from day one David AlabaTo understand this Ancelotti’s Madrid, the main actor of the second example. With the score even, Modric was shot over the side, allowing a dangerous free kick in favor of the Madrid team. Kroos and Benzema Debate the pitcher when something moves on the white bench. David (assistant coach and son of Carlo) He told Alaba to leave quickly because he was going to throw her“, Ancelotti explained, was flexible and as usual listening to the advice of his assistants. And there, off the bench, he jumped “David“, as they call him in the locker room, with barely a year’s experience in Chamarten, after a lifetime Bayern, The Austrian approached the Franco-German Huddle, the two of them commanding the most, put the ball on the ground and sent it to the squad. ferdinand Madrid to win.

That healthy atmosphere in the dressing room was that of Kroos and Benzema, who were left without shooting and without scoring, and were the first to run to Alaba in celebration of the goal. ,The people who had to throw the foul were Benzema or Tony…but Alaba came in, threw it very well. It wasn’t easy, because asking Benzema and Tony not to shoot… it’s a joke“, laughed Ancelotti. But there is a truth in the joke: football players who have won everything and who support each other, without selfishness, to continue winning over his teammates. Too caralettoWho does the same with his coaching staff members.

Madrid’s first win in the league, with rotations and appearances Danger and Ceballos in the second unit, only one doubt left: the status of Marco Asensio. spanish striker I didn’t dispute a minute In a duel in which Madrid needed to come back. The absence of the injured Rodrigo also did not open the doors of the pitch. valverde I occupied the right lane and the changes were Modric, Casemiro, Alaba, Hazard and Ceballos. Everything in front of him is in a circle in which it seems that he has no place.

Asensio plays no more than 45 minutes with Madrid Since the 90s he played against the CDs last May, Since then, the bench: he was left without playing betis On and against the day of the last league match liverpool Feather champions league finalAnd in the Madridista preseason he submitted against 45 minutes Barcelona and America and 27 against Juventus before the Super Cup, which he also left blank.

numbers make it clear Carlo Ancelotti’s stance Regarding Mallorcan, although the Italian speaks of one word: “You have to keep in mind what he contributed last year (he was the third top scorer), As long as he is a Madrid player he is an important player. There is time until the 31st”, declared Transalpine after the appointment in Almera. More frankly, impossible.

with world around the corner And without a renewal agreement for the contract expiring in June 2023, it seems that the best option for Asensio is to exit the remaining 15 days of the transfer market and avoid the minute drought it is experiencing at Bernabeu. .

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