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David Alaba, the premise of Ancelotti’s project, a keeper who knows how to do it all

Praise Ramos' '4,' But With His Personality:

Austrian Sergio Ramos, 29, will wear ‘4’ and is emerging as essential in Ancelotti’s plans.

Alba, during his presentation at the Bernabeu on Wednesday.real Madrid

Filling the gap with one of the historical legends Real Madrid, one of the best defenders in Europe, comes at zero cost. David Alaba Number 4 is inherited from 4 Sergio Ramos. “We talked about it on Tuesday and they told me there were no other big numbers available. I know what a ‘4’ means: it’s an honor to wear it and it inspires me so much because it represents strength and leadership,” the Austrian explained during his presentation yesterday. At 29, at the height of his career, Alaba has arguments to fill the vast void left by the captain. However, short-term references, both sports and financial, will not allow a single slip.

From Monday morning, when descending the jet ladder at Barajas, Alba was determined to show decisive safety in every gesture. “I have not come to compare myself with others. I am here to be myself,” he told reporters yesterday. Not satisfied, he appealed to the 13-time European champion of heraldry: “If you play for Bayern and want to improve your game, you have only one option.” His words support the 28 titles he has celebrated with the Bavarian giants, including the 2013 and 2020 Champions Leagues. Of course, the current panorama of Madrid is far from such a pretense. Unless florentino parezzo square the circle Kian Mbappe u Erling Haaland.

What will happen till August 31, wait for it Carlo Ancelotti He will have to settle for Alaba, a highly sought-after piece in the market. The Italian, who has already led him in Munich in 2016 and 2017, is well aware of his tactical versatility, which sees him either as a left-back or as a left-handed central defender in a row of four defenders. Allows to operate in a scheme of three centers. With these arguments, added desire Rafael Varane After playing next season with Manchester United, Alaba is emerging as a pillar of the new White defence.

On his side, Carletto could train with Adder Militao, whose eruption last spring left half of Europe speechless, and ferland mendy, whose impressive physical performance is weighed down by the worrying shin splints that have dragged on since last May. In case of emergency, the freshness of Miguel Gutierrez Can provide solutions in the left hand lane. In any case, payroll seems limited. and choice of conditions caralettoWho would have to leave Alaba to shine so much as a midfielder or even an interior at Allianz. And the first to regret it, even if he never admits it publicly, would be the footballer himself.

Since last autumn, Alba has had a fierce conflict with Bayern’s top management for two reasons. The first was related to money and it was dealt with by his representative, Pini Zahvik, defined by uli hoyness Like “a greedy piranha”. The second was related to the demands of the footballer, determined to fulfill his development as a total midfielder. And is that the accuracy of his left boot isn’t just limited to long balls or changes in orientation from left to right. as you see pep guardiola, Alaba performs with complete ease in the second area of ​​the field and takes very powerful shots from long distance.

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