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Dani Alves: “When it comes to doing great things, good people always come together” | LaLiga Santander 2021

 Dani Alves:

The Brazilian full-back puts the team spirit above all on his return to Bara, but ensures that he is coming to be a starter: “I was not born to be second.”

Dani Alves at the Camp Nou.@FCBarcelona_es

As long as the years go by, Dani alves He has a custom burned down: on the day of his presentation at a club, he always steps on the grass barefoot. And his return to Bara, of course, in front of 10,378 fans in the stands, was no exception. What Xavi, also signed his new contract right there, in the eyes of all. “In life there are things that can change. Now I am somewhat more handsome than last time, but there are others that cannot. If I wanted to step on this grass again, I could not do it any other way. I’m going back a little bit to make this club bigger again “, areng the veteran Brazilian defender.

At 38, there is something he has not lost. Not one pice: competitiveness. “We are delighted to bring soul, which is what Dani represents. Soul and charisma,” said the president, a Joan Laporta who is convinced that his return will be as big a rudder for the team as the presence of another recent myth. in front of the bench. “Xavi told me that Dani is one of those people he needs to have on the team,” desvel. Above all, the Brazilian wants to spread his positivity to the locker room and make everyone a pia.

“Being able to dress again short with Barcelona is very special. Being able to enter the dressing room, see my teammates who continue to fight … It has made me feel at home. I have seen young people, eager, I feel a lot of satisfaction. Everything has made me remember many things that I have lived. I want to bring joy, positivism. The team has been charged with many negative things and, to fix a problem, we must find solutions, not regret. We are going to transform the club again, maybe and as we did years ago. It is a wonderful opportunity, the challenge is great, but the desire is also much greater, “said the defender. “In a team sport, you have to understand that a teammate’s problem is my problem and his happiness is my happiness,” stressed the Brazilian who, of course, has a day marked in red on the calendar: that of the Bernabu classic. “That is the most special game that you can play as a player, especially in Barcelona. It is incredible, unforgettable,” he said.

Real Madrid prevailed at the Camp Nou. To win at the Bernabu, when the time comes, and get back on the right track, he is very clear about what to do. “You have to be a team, all playing in tune, crushing each other when you don’t have the ball. We have the obsession that the ball is ours, we make the rules. Young people have to learn that quickly, because up here they don’t. there is room for error. Between all of us, we can do better. I am sure that we will enjoy it again. This team is made for that and to conquer things, “insisted an Alves who understands that he can contribute a lot from outside, but that, above all He prefers to do it from the grass.

“I come to war”

“I was not born to be second. I come to fight, to play, to fight for a position and earn the right to play. Not because I made history at the club or because I have a good relationship with the president or the coach: I will achieve it with myself. I work. From the outside I can contribute, but I prefer to be inside. There are great players, the objective is to give the highest level. I showed it in the Olympic games, no matter how much doubts about whether I could or not. People expect the best of me and I’m going to respond “, added an Alves who has adapted to the complicated situation of the club.

“Dani has said very clearly that age is a number, he has seen the situation and comes to help, he feels strong enough to be a starter and has made a significant financial effort. He knows the provisional situation we have, that we are going to reverse it, because we are on the right track, “explained a Laporta who was very eager to regain good economic health. Above all, because, right now, there is no option to bring more signings in the winter market. “Today we will be able to register Xavi and his body, there is nothing left over. In January, we will see what else happens and if the needs set by the master can be met. As of today, there is no such possibility,” revealed the director of football, Mateu alemany. Some players have already cut their income. Others like Coutinho or UmtitiThey have not yet taken that step.

“Each case is specific. There are established conditions, most of them inherited. It all depends on negotiations, some have gone as we want and others are in process. Now, what we are working hard on is obtaining income. We want to cut expenses. , we need salary margin and we are working on it. We take it with respect, this cannot be imposed, we want to be didactic with the situation. The point is to have margin to build this team. We are lucky that players have risen young people, full of enthusiasm and quality, of whom we need their commitment to the club to be firm, as has been shown in the cases of Ansu Fati or Pedri. We are waiting to announce new renewals, in the context in which the club is located. There are commitments made, we need adaptation and the predisposition that we see is positive, “he said. Laporta.

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