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Damin Quintero: “I was scared off the day before I got the silver medal in Tokyo”

Damin Quintero:

Collectively along with his psychologist, the Olympic runner-up talks concerning the darkish facet of elite sport on World Psychological Well being Day.

Del Ro and Quintero in session.Javier BarbanchoWORLD

Present should go on, they imposed on Simone biles earlier than the massive date of his life within the Tokyo Olympics, by which it exploded. For the good heroine, raised above good and evil, was nothing greater than a formidable athlete devoid of the armor that had hitherto allowed her to advance. An individual, in any case. No extra and no much less. Nervousness, a difficulty that was beforehand taboo or went unnoticed, is now on the middle of curiosity, as evidenced by the commemoration of the World Psychological Well being Day.

The home of playing cards falls, time and again, taking the soundness of the good elite athletes away. To keep away from this downside, he has been working, for greater than 30 years, Pablo del Ro, the psychologist of the Spanish Olympians. His work takes place on the Excessive Efficiency Middle in Madrid.

“You have five weeks until the World Cup, you can’t let yourself down and do the parip, don’t screw me. You have to go win it because you know that in the future you will only remember success. spits openly from the River Damin Quintero, one of his outstanding students in his small consultation in the presence of EL MUNDO.

Del Ro and Quintero talk.Javier BarbanchoWORLD

On August 6, her life changed with a silver medal preceded by a great mental load: “It was a five-year supply.” I did not forget that bad moment even while enjoying a vacation. “We had been within the Olympic Village and we had been hallucinating about Biles, however the truth is that from Spain the circus that’s generated in some Video games is obviated. I had been listening to for 5 months that I used to be a positive medal and it made me scared yesterday.”

Before his great opportunity in the biggest competition, Quintero felt, for the first time, a certain fear of getting on the tatami, where he had already won more than 100 international medals: “It was a really exhausting afternoon as a result of I used to be left alone, ate, and referred to as my spouse attacked thrice with out realizing very nicely what to do. The second you inform your self that you simply can not fail you will have screwed up. They demand of us, expectations that they placed on us are a backpack filled with stones. “

Serene, and with the experience of six Olympic events in the suitcase, the psychologist became, once again, the antidote to avoid the debacle. “The journey to the pavilion was lengthy … to color it lovely, however we arrived and started to speak about Messi and his departure from Bara, to attempt to give normality. The change was brutal. The issue is that society takes athletes and makes them extraterrestrial. They’re individuals with their fears and feelings, not machines, “says the specialist.

The line between success and failure is finer than you might imagine, which is why psychological monitoring becomes as essential a piece as technical or physical care. “You may practice an ideal kata, but when you do not have some psychological objectives along with your group, you’re misplaced. I used to be fortunate sufficient to consider eradicating that nonsense that typically we now have within the head that working with a psychologist looks as if you’re pall, nevertheless it’s the alternative, “he says. Quintero.

Damin Quintero in the consultation.Javier BarbanchoWORLD

The borderline situations do not know surnames, either Biles or any other. The mental demand is maximum. Having a guardian angel by his side has ended up tilting the balance towards the positive, although there are always days he prefers to forget, even one of the best karate fighters in history. “Both you sink otherwise you begin on the lookout for the nice half and also you give attention to desirous about the place you may enhance. We should keep away from by all means desirous about attainable failure or on the lookout for excuses. Many occasions we search for them to keep away from giving the picture of weak after which it comes Pablo and slaps us. ”

The reality to which you return your trusted person is as harsh as life itself. QuinteroAt 37, he is already thinking about retirement. Luckily for him, with aeronautical engineering in his trophy case, that cliff becomes a “heated pool that he can leap into with out worry.” This, however, is out of the ordinary in the vast majority of cases that have passed through the hands of Del Ro. “The truth is poorly centered for athletes. It’s thought that the withdrawal needs to be ready a yr earlier than and it should be finished from the day the kid crops the primary foot within the CAR. It’s a must to plan, practice and research. In the event that they end and they don’t have their coaching, they are going to be in worse situation than anybody. Regardless of what number of medals you will have gained, the loaf of bread prices you a similar within the grocery store and they don’t provide you with a particular worth for being Olympic runner-up “, warns the psychologist.

The lesson has been learned QuinteroBut every once in a while, a reminder doesn’t hurt. That “youngster who creates himself the king of the mambo in Madrid” ended up turning into the hero due to the lighthouse that has helped him to gentle the best way in a brief however intense and above all, wholesome Olympic profession.

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