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Cucurella: “At Bara they did not give me the opportunity, here we are all the same”


The Olympic international assures that Japan, rival in the semifinals, has prepared the tournament very well. After leaving the Barça club, “the technicians advanced my position, they asked me to be aggressive.”

Cucurella, in the match against Argentina.Jos MendezEFE

Marc Cucurella (Alella, 1998) does not have godparents, but what he does have is unstoppable. Hair blowing in the wind, he advances like a Tasmanian devil, as if his life is going. It’s that way. The departure of Barcelona, ​​where he barely had a few minutes in the first team, exposed him to the reality of a football where you are worth what you play, first in Eibar, then in Getafe, with tough people like Beg or Bordals. Both used their energy in the attack, and that way he reached Spain and the Games. Two steps are missing for gold. The first, today (13:00, Spanish time) in the semifinal against Japan.

You did not start playing the Olympic tournament, but entered the second game, against Australia, to be out of the eleven again later. The six of the Euro, on the other hand, do not move from the ownership.
We have already played practically all of us and we are all important. Ah we have Rafa [Mir]. If we’re still in the tournament, it’s for one minute of yours. That is the example and the attitude to have. It is the coach who makes the line-ups, of course, but the feeling I have is that we are all the same here.
He says it because of his past, because of his departure from Barcelona.
I say this for the present. This is a short and unique tournament, that you can play once in your life as a footballer and if it happens you won’t come back. That is why we have to enjoy it in every way, in different things for us, like living in the Olympic Village, in little apartments of eight at a time. And, of course, win it, which is our goal. My departure from Barcelona took place in a different context.
On the other hand, it did not prevent him from finding the path of the selection: the sub 21, the Olympic and the debut with the absolute.
At Bara I didn’t have the opportunities that I would have liked, it’s the truth. I played no more than five minutes in the Cup with the first team, and that is very little to show what you have as a footballer. Mingueza or Pedri, on the other hand, can now return the trust they have been given, in this case Koeman. Young people with quality do not fail, but they need matches, release from pressure and adapt.
Frustrated him?
No, things just went that way and we don’t have to think about it any more. In this you have to look forward. Then the truth is that I have done well, I have even made my debut with the absolute, and here I am, at the Olympic Games.
It is that you give war wherever you go.
I try to contribute what I can do in the field. In the lower categories of Bara I played as a winger and, the truth is that I always felt that way. Upon arriving at Eibar, the coach [Jos Luis Mendilibar] I advanced my position and asked for depth. I have depochanged teams, but I am still there.
The transition is usually the other way around, from end to side, like Juanfran at Atltico or Navas at Sevilla.
I was younger, perhaps still to be defined as a footballer. Both Eibar and Getafe have done very well for me, because they are teams that seek to progress a lot on the wings, to do damage with plays of two against one.
Is it the same as De la Fuente asks you in the selection?
That is, be aggressive, take the initiative from behind, be deep, face, look for the overflow … Today’s football has become so tactical that there are not many footballers of that type anymore. I guess that’s why the technicians advanced my position.
After the debut against Egypt, very flat, the truth is that the selection needed that and more.
In the first game we were perhaps more unemployed, with less mobility, but later we found our game, although it was difficult to define the games. We were already expecting these difficulties, because the level in football has become very equal. We have seen Brazil suffer, Germany, France fall … They all also have the same illusion to achieve a single gold, as I said. In my case, I still remember Brazil’s victory in London, with Neymar. I would never have thought then that I would have the same opportunity.
Japan is next. Although without an audience, he plays in his country, and it is football that seems to have hooked the local fans the most, reluctant to the Games because of the Covid.
It is that they have thoroughly prepared the Games, as any local team does in a tournament. Although they reached penalties in the quarterfinals, they had a spectacular group stage. They will leave it all in the field. We, too.
With gold or without it, they will return with very few vacations and return to the League, with Getafe.
They will be few, but the experience is worth it.
Expect a big change with Mchel?
Each coach has his stamp, it is reality, but I think there are two winners.
How is a Catalan in Madrid?
Well, the truth is that I am very comfortable, both my family and I. I have all my people in Barcelona, ​​of course, but if they told me that I have to live my whole life in Madrid, I would not complain.