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Cuban athletics starved to death in the middle of the desert

Triple jumper Jordan Dazs, long jumper Lester Leske or javelin thrower Yulenmis Aguilar have already lived in Spain, with Orlando Ortega as an example.

Ballar in the javelin final of the Under-20 World Cup in Nairobi.Zhang Yu
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on 9th July, Yeselena Ballari, third in javelin at the last Junior World Championships, visited Fragua Martiana in Havana, and promised “at all times to maintain loyalty to the principles of the Cuban Revolution”. Two days later, Yiselena Ballar arrived at a stop for Eugene at the Miami airport, where the World Athletics Championships begins today, and she decided to leave the concentration of her team and, therefore, her country. An abandonment or an escape, depending on where you see it. In any case, one more.

This trend has peaked in recent months, after years of Cuba losing athletes: at the last Tokyo 2020 Games, the island presented at least as many of its teams since 1968; Much more in this World Cup. Cuba appears in Eugene with only 14 delegates and only three medal choices: Yaim Prezcurrent discus throw world champion; lazaro martínez, triple jump indoor world champion; You mekel massBronze at the Tokyo Games in the long jump.

Like a lot of things around the island, the reasons for the march are unclear, but the protagonists speak of a combination of factors. “There are many problems with the federation, because it puts pressure on the athletes and because of its decisions, and also a great desire to prosper. The lack of competitions due to the pandemic did a great deal of economic damage, as well as the social networks that affected the island. Allowed many contacts with people outside … There are many reasons”, expounds a technician close to the latest cases related to Spain. with orlando ortega For example, in recent times they have stayed in the country in triplicate. jordan dazilong jumper Lester Leske or javelin thrower eulenmis aguillariThese last two are still awaiting nationalisation.

Freak out in different sports

Other countries such as Italy, Portugal or Turkey have enjoyed the successes of champions such as the triple jumper over the years. Peter Paul Pichardo or hindrance yasmani copello And these months have got stars like runners Rainier Mena, It is a fear that occurs in many sports such as baseball, boxing, volleyball, Greco-Roman wrestling and handball, but it receives special attention in athletics because of the Cuban tradition on the track.

In fact, the Cuban federation has recently tried to prevent athletes from defecting and, in doing so, stopped inviting some of them to international events. This is the only way to understand the absence of the triple Christian Naplesof discus thrower Dania Knight or long jumper John Michael Echeveria The person who went from becoming the future of the specialty, that person. Called to break the historical record of mike powellTo disappear from the pits, which had to break a nine-meter barrier. He was announced as a signing for Playas de Castellón, which is why there was speculation about his naturalization as a Spaniard. Today he is dedicating himself to music on the island, as it turns out. Gerardo CebrinaFormer commentator for Spanish television.

“I insist that they don’t leave us a gap, they are just processes. Other talented young people are going to enter through those athletes. I can say that the relay is covered,” he assured ypsy moreno, the national athletics commissioner, in a pattern of discontent generated to the official press. Even in his own media, always silent, the latest losses have been analysed. In the case of Yeselena Ballari Eugene is the most recent a few hours before the start of the World Cup, but this was no exception, the last would be much less.

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