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Criticism of Titan Desert’s actions in the death of cyclist Ernesto Escolano: “they lie”

Criticism of Titan Desert's actions in the death of cyclist Ernesto Escolano: "they lie"

Amateur cyclist Milton Ramos, friend of the deceased: “They lie when they say they were taken straight to the hospital”

Titan’s leader Francisco Herrero.Carlos de TorresEFE
  • incident Spanish Ernesto Escolano dies of cardiac arrest in Titan Desert

death of cyclist Ernest Escolano GiloBorn 51 years ago in the Latas district of the Huesca city of Sabinigo, Morocco, while participating in Titan Desert 2022, there have been many expressions of pain among colleagues, athletes and clubs.

Escolano was a beloved and admired figure in the cycling world and in Huesca society as he was one of the partners of the agency Vive Asesores Inmobiliarios, which he launched in 2011.

This company sponsors the base ranges of CC Huesca and they participated in ten bearded vultures they plan to replicate this year and, among others, Puerto de la Ribagorza.

There were also reactions from some institutions mourning his death and thus the Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albers, who was visiting Marrakech, expressed his “condolences” to Escolano’s family and friends.

Also, the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports of the Government of Aragon, Philippe FesikHe sent “my deepest condolences to the families and friends” via social networks.

And the circumstances that led to the death of Ernesto Escolano, married with two children, have also raised voices of outrage.

This is the case of a Honduran cyclist Milton RamosBased in Sabinigo and a friend of Escolano, who has condemned the behavior of the Titan Desert organization on his social network.

Similarly, he describes the “extremely difficult” hours that his family lived until they learned the scope of what had happened.

Ramos considered Escolano to be “almost a friend of a brother” and tried to persuade him not to appear in an exam he had taken in the past, on one occasion he was the first on a stage.

very hostile environment

He wanted to persuade Huesca’s cyclist not to “go to this sporting event, where the environment is very unfavorable, if we mention the temperature, and if you add very little human emotion on the part of the organization, the consequences.” In one final emergency, you will be in real trouble.”

According to the organization’s statement, the Aragonese runner lost his life in the second leg as a result of a heart injury, for which he was treated at 82 kilometers by the health team on the track.

He was then transferred by helicopter to the Mohammed VI University Hospital Center in Marrakech, where he died shortly afterwards.

Milton Ramos questions the version offered by the organisers, and explains that when asked about Escolano’s condition, he was told that “he was getting into the broom car as he drove away” when “the reality was this that he had suffered severe dehydration which would lead him to death.” Suffers from multi-organ failure.

In his complaint, he further said that “when I say they are lying, it is because in the press release they issued they said that they were taken straight to the hospital when it was completely false. We all know that he was taken to the camp at the end of the stage the other day and several hours later he was transferred to the hospital. If we add to the fact that you arrive at the hospital and there is no one from the organization and You have to search your life to find your family member, I have to say it is not easy, Morocco is a country where Arabic and French are mostly spoken.

Ramos explains that he does not understand why “the desire to hide death, in all his social networks he has published barely a short story that is a copy and paste of the press release, very poor in emotion and emotion.” is.”

He assures that he will not compete in the Titan Desert again and invites athletes who have had bad experiences at the Moroccan event to tell their story.

He denounces that Titan Desert “seems like the only thing they’re interested in is what’s in your pocket, which is why they even invented their own currency.” titanitesIf you don’t spend them in full, they don’t return them to you. Please, let’s be wise and don’t try to lead an adventurous life in a place where you will have a bad time if you have an accident.

desert fox

Milton Ramos, known as desert foxWas born 42 years ago in Honduras and has always been close to a bicycle.

He signed up for his first race on a Falcon bike at the age of seventeen and hasn’t stopped since.

He started mountain biking in 1996 as a hobby which later became his big passion. After representing his country, in 1999 he traveled to Spain, where he began a new phase that inspired him to become a road professional.

His achievements include six victories at Ironbike Italia, the world’s toughest mountain bike race, or victories in trials as the Mediterranean Extreme or the Quebranthuasos MTB.

His perseverance has led him to run on five continents a year, one of his greatest personal satisfactions.

Currently he is dedicated solely to mountain biking and works for the Decathlon in developing materials for cross country in addition to participating in national and international competitions.

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