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Copa del Rey: Villarreal has a bad drink with the Copa | King’s Cup 2021

 Copa del Rey: Villarreal has a bad drink with the Copa |  King's Cup 2021

Villarreal, plagued by casualties, loses against Sporting and is eliminated from the Copa del Rey. A new error by Rulli allows Djurdjevic to score a goal from more than thirty meters

A player from Villarreal and Sporting fight for the ball.VILLARREAL CF.

Villarreal, although they tried to take out the heavyweights, fell in front of a Sporting de Gijn almost always superior in each section of field by 1-2, with goals from Albiol, Djurdjevic and Bogdan, in a match that took on a different caliber when Gerard Moreno and ‘Djuka’ appeared, although the Serbian was more decisive and not only because of his spectacular goal.

At the start of the match, Sporting pumped hard without worrying about timing physical efforts. The Asturians went out to what they gave, pushing Mario Gaspar’s area through Jos Lus Rodríguez, since the Panamanian, on loan from Alavs, is pure portent and speed, characteristics that David Gallego’s men tried to take advantage of.

The Asturian momentum was not left alone in the extreme, nor did it compromise its construction methods, since Sporting accumulated and managed both possessions and chances well, such as a very clear one from Bogdan at twelve of the game, after a penalty charged with strategy that he left behind. to the side alone and with the only task of connecting a ball on a flat center, although the result went well above Rulli.

As Villarreal macerated its longest possession – drowned on the edge of the rival area – in the seventeenth minute, Emery’s team began to recover its most constructor profile. The distribution of the game was in charge of Trigueros and Capoue, who were trying to link up quickly with an Alberto Moreno who was going through the left-handed interior both to attack and to defend.

With a somewhat better planted Villarreal came the first approaches and the first shot between sticks: it was in the 20th, with a shot from Trigueros from outside the area that stopped the goal. In the 22, the same, but for Sporting.

In the fight for the center of the field, the Castellón won whole and took possession after the half hour of meeting. Raba came into play more, although from Moi and Jackson, headlines up front, there was no news in the entire first half in which Villarreal never knew better and that, moreover, ended with a Sporting goal chance that he was in shock.

Both coaches wanted different dynamics for the second half, the locals thinking that in the league they still owe victories and Villarreal wanting to solve the feeling of going below as soon as possible, so the Asturians made a triple change and Emery took Gerard Moreno, who entered by Raba.

Immediately, Gerard threatened with an arrival, but it would be in the 47th and through Albiol when the Castellón team took the lead: Alberto Moreno took a corner that fell short, the rebound favored him to delay Moi, whose center rebounded in the Rivera defense before reaching a Albiol who heads without marking the 0-1.

The goal was good for Villarreal. He took a repertoire of swings to cover a Villalba who jumped fresh and threatening, and accumulated a lot of possession in the spinal cord, numbing a game that only woke up with the entry of Djurdjevic by Berto in 61, and in what way: Rulli mixed clearing with passing in 66, leaving at half height and about 30 meters a leather that finished brilliantly – already empty door- ‘Djuka’, tying the match and raising El Molinn for the spectacular goal.

Foyth and Parejo entered to certify that Emery wanted to be in the round of 16, but Sporting knew with the same options and, after the 80th minute, the game broke, becoming a whole ring where the hardest hit was given by Bogdan, who retaliated of his occasion in the first half and ended a perfect counter led by Villalba and improved by Djuka, who gave it to the side to establish 2-1 in 87.

Sporting ex officio threw the remaining minutes, annihilating any opportunity for a Villarreal that says goodbye to the Copa del Rey against Asturians who did better than Emery’s.

Emery: Sporting beat us fairly

In the press conference after the game, Villarreal coach Unai Emery valued the elimination of the Copa del Rey saying that we have hope in the cup, have options and aspire to fight it, but you have to be very constant and at the moment we have players in the African Cup and other casualties Emery commented. Who also highlighted how highly psyched, together and focused the Sporting players were, also admitting that the clearest chances have been theirs, they have beaten us fairly and we have not been able to be better than them.

The second half, with Gerard, who helps everyone, we achieved the goal, but then we need more things, he commented Emery, who regretted not taking advantage of the moment when Villarreal scored the goal, although he pointed out that we are not going to get frustrated.

Reference from elmundo