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Copa del Rey: Madrid’s “revenge” after the oldest parade in Spain and Marcelo’s horizon: “I owe a lot to this shirt” | King’s Cup 2021

 Copa del Rey: Madrid's

The match, held on a controversial day to coincide with the historic celebration of Reyes in Alcoy, was lived red hot: “If you don’t fight here, you lose,” summarized Ancelotti

Marcelo, against Alcoyano.JOSE JORDANAFP
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When the rival was announced, ecstasy. When the schedule was released, some outrage.

The Real Madrid visit Alcoy in the same King’s Night, in the place where the oldest parade in all of Spain (1866), creating an obligatory parallel in a hobby that, week after week, watches football players on its lawn. bronze division. Other galaxy, but an acquaintance after historic 2-1 from last season.

The whites repeated their journey and, at times, they repeated sensations. Marc Militao before the break, like twelve months ago. Tied the Alcoyano in the second part, as in January 2021… And had luck those of Ancelotti. The same one that Zinedine Zidane last year. Without football, with substitutes who proved to be a couple of steps below the starters, Madrid found victory in two reject after two efforts of Asensio and Isco. Little more for such a special night.

We want to win and want revenge“, declared on Real Madrid TV Fede Valverde, holder on the Alicante grass next to Casemiro and Camavinga. Did not want to risk Carletto, which also bet on Militao and Alaba, his two hierarchs, in the center of the defense. “I’m here to help the team, to do my bit in whatever way I can,” added the Uruguayan.

Marcelo’s horizon

The news came in the goalkeeper, with the first ownership for Lunin since the duel against Alcoyano last year, on the sides, with Nacho and Marcelo, and up front, where they started Rodrygo, Hazard and Mariano. In general, disappointment at the performance of the secondaries in a small field where there were hardly any spaces. “It is not a beautiful match, but we like to play anywhere“Valverde insisted, who remembered his native Uruguay:” It’s nice to see the public support the rival team. I come from playing in Uruguay and this seems nice to me, I like these games. “

Alcoyano’s goal came from the band of a Marcelo that he suffered again. The Brazilian, what contract ends next June, may be playing his last games as a Real Madrid player. A legend no dispute, but a complicated reality. “Since I arrived I have given the maximum and I will continue like this until the end of my contract. I owe a lot to this shirt. If I play less or more, I will continue to the end, “he explained in ‘Dazn‘the Brazilian, who did not forget last year’s defeat: “We have learned and the work has been serious. We haven’t played much, but we have fought“.

Ancelotti: “Today we have fulfilled”

After the defeat against Getafe and after ensuring that his team was still “on vacation”, Ancelotti I value positively Madrid’s victory in Alcoy: “The holidays ended after Getafe. We have delivered, the quality is not for this type of game, we have fought, which is what we have to do here. If you don’t fight here, you lose, as happened last year“.

The Italian coach wanted to send a spear in favor of Hazard and “quality players”: “Here they have suffered more. Hazard suffers in these types of matches. He must have more confidence in the one on one, in dribbling, in shooting … Because he has quality, “he praised, and he also had words for Lunin, who returned to play minutes after a year:” He has been very good in the games. sticks. He has had some mistakes with his feet, but I like the goalkeeper who stops low sticks, the game with feet can be improved. I have said that the Copa del Rey is owned by Lunin, but I have not said that all league matches are by Courtois“.

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