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Copa del Rey: Hugo Gilman, ‘Soldier’ ​​of Bordles: “When in doubt because of my height, I had to be smart” | King’s Cup 2021

Copa del Rey: Hugo Gilman, 'Soldier' ​​of Bordles: "When in doubt because of my height, I had to be smart" |  King's Cup 2021

A youth squad of the same batch as Ferran Torres, he played without a contract during the pandemic to gain a foothold in the squad. Central to the academy and with the Spanish team, Alicante’s coach has made him an essential ‘6’ in his eleven

Hugo Gilman with the Cup Ball.David SandsArab Press
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He’s been plaguing the boxer since February, but Hugo Gilamanni (San Sebastian, 2000) Far from being a cantankerous central defender. Far, almost being a keeper, as they have had to answer that question over the years. While in all categories of the Spanish team, even luis enriqueThey have aligned him to the defense axis, Jose Bordles They have turned him into a ‘6’ which he didn’t have in the team.

The shy boy who always puts his left boot first will experience his first Grand Final as a professional in Seville with the team of his life, an essential part of that rebuilding starting eleven.

Ever since I started playing in the academy, there has always been a debate about where should I play. But no one made a move to bet on putting me in midfield until Bordle told me the other day what he wants from me, Gilman says, without adding weight to both positions. I thank him for that clarity as it has allowed me to prepare physically and mentally to adapt to the two positions, and the coach has the opportunity to make a decision, he adds.

The calmness with which he handles the ball to this young squad, who came to gain a foothold in the squad in the summer of 2021 pandemic without a contract risking it, adds to his intelligence. It not only solves the math of biomedical engineer Of course, issues in his career have bothered him, such as his height. His 1.82 seemed at times low for a defender First class, It’s one of those things I’ve lived with without being able to do anything. When in doubt, make him smart, intelligent and Know what qualities they had in the field that they could take advantage ofThe footballer says, without giving it too much importance. Because Gilman feels nothing changes him. I am very calm on and off the field, he insists without denying that whoever directed it exudes his command to order the game. Maybe it’s because of that personality, but also because they’ve instilled it in me since I was little and it’s sticking around.

It Won’t Be Easy To Live In Valencia’s Engine Room In Front Of The Attics Channel, guide, carvalho either Fekiro, Ah that’s a lot of work, he jokes. It’s true that in recent games it’s going to cost us, we know, but we’re going to go a step further and let no one doubt that we’re not going to make it easy for them, Gailaman, who was not even born here. 1999 when Valencia declared the champions of the Cup in La Cartuja. I remember one in particular from 2019, when I was in the stands like any other fan, and only slightly from the 2008 one. that was the final which was won by the baltic captain joaquin Wearing a Valencian shirt.

Guillamn belongs to a successful generation of young players who had to leave the club. So did his friend Ferran Torres, who, like him, put up with offers to leave as a child after an explosion under his arm with the Copa del Rey on his way to Manchester. before they decided Abel Ruizo (panties) or victor tight (Cdiz, on loan from Real Madrid), with whom he has always competed for the position. We are very close friends and that competition has always helped us to be better. You may be rivals and too good friends to get a place in the eleven. I know they want us to win this Cup, he warned. on the other hand you have John MirandaWith whom he shared the victory in the national team and made his debut with a goal in that duel against Lithuania.

The social upheavals the club is facing and the hardships the dressing room has gone through, Gilman added another reason to return from Seville as champions. We are going to try to bring the Cup because we deserve it, because people should be proud of their team for how much support they have given us.

His dream lives on in the background: You always imagine playing the finals. In 2019 I already dreamed of being able to lift a cup with Valencia and now the opportunity has come. The best way to celebrate this would be to kick off your renewal with the club of your life.

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