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Copa del Rey: Betis won the third cup in their history in pain of penalties. King’s Cup 2021

Copa del Rey: Betis won the third cup in their history in pain of penalties.  King's Cup 2021

A mistake by Moses in the shootout condemned Valencia after the final attempt and draw, with Hugo Duro equalizing Borja Iglesias’ goal in the first half.

Betis players celebrate the title in La Cartuja.Christina QuiklerAFP
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Nothing subdued Betis, nor did she lose a fierce joy. 17 years without touching money, settling for lesser pleasures, which are the best in life but always little known in football. Verdiblancos have often conjugated the verb to lose, so many times that they have made it a way of life. but manqueperda It is erected by an engineer who has transformed the team into a precision football machine without losing any talent. And it is that although there are not infinite ways to win, Betis has chosen a style that brings it closer to the only objective pursued in the final: victory. [1-1: Narracin y estadsticas]

Everything justifies that ending, of receiving a burst of joy, which Betisismo feels as enduring. joaquin, The captain dreamed of raising the cup at home, in a surrendered stadium that Verdiblancos would cherish as a great prize in his memory. And he did so by defeating an opponent who watched him as he would until the penalty shootout.

Betis began the game by playing his symphony from memory and discovered against Valencia with such ease that he fell silent at the north end of the stadium. arm Bordles a team of five defenders, with Paulista in command who received a yellow card without breaking a sweat, and a midfielder who had to amputate ankles Chanel, Guido and Fekiro, From there Betis wanted to win the match and Valencia did not want to lose. The plan that emerged was VerdiBlanco. Leaning on the sprinter, broke the Frenchman from the left bank Belern which reached to the bottom and served for the point-blank header of Borja Iglesias, the interpreter of dreams of the two-thirds stand painted in green and white.

Pandora’s box looked as if it had been opened by a smattering of signals, a thunderstorm. The first shot, the first goal, and proof that Valencia, the scars that were bleeding, did not find their place. Even the armor the technician put on him didn’t do a good job of keeping him out of that kind of blow. juanmi He wanted to strike immediately after a spectral opponent. He danced to Seville’s rhythm in the final, so much so that Iglesias dared to hit Belern in the field with a heel so he could pick up a ball so that he didn’t get a head that could turn it into a greater advantage.

tough, talisman

While Pellegrini conceived his script, Bordles lost his temper, rearranged his dwarf eleven and did not even dare to look at the bench, as there was only a bullet to him. Brian Gilo It all happened very quickly in the bedroom.

Betis felt so superior that he fell into the trap of declaring Valencia dead, which did not need to handle the ball to level the score. Three passes were enough for him. With three players it was enough. Carlos Soler seeks him on the wing, filtering a pass that no one in the stadium imagined Ilex leaves Hugo Duro alone against Bravo, It was impossible not to fail for the talismanic man of the last Valencianist Cup. He played on Hugo Duro in 2019 and on the picture in 2022. He allowed himself to be wrong while trying to assist Geddes in another offensive rush. Pellegrini’s team panicked, with Canales still seen shooting the post on his way to the locker room. Everything had to be written.

And Valencia returned to the pitch with better lyrics. He tilted the field towards its end and began to demonstrate that the ball should be carried to the goal. With the personality of those looking for a ninth cup in their worst days, the balsam title that will open the doors to Europe. If Betis did it with pause, he opted for power. were found gedes and gay To put together a play saved by Claudio Bravo. Even Paulista was encouraged to hit again from the front. Thus emerged the general who commands, commands and sets an example of conduct.

It was difficult for Betis to understand what was happening, how the opponent forgot that Bronco motto and had the ball. I wanted to compete. Ilaix emerges to find the gap, to associate and to see the tickle of the Atari army that seemed to be missing.

When Pellegrini sent Joacun to warm up and like a jolt of energy, Betis reacted, the south floor lifted. It was, again, Borja Iglesias who grabbed the defense to leave Juanmi alone. mamardashvili Spreading legs to avoid both the locals. The duel was so open that Canales was looking for a distant shot and again, Juanmi crashed into the stump of the post. The ball, chipped by Borja Iglesias, also caught the post and while the fakir claimed a penalty and, upon rebuilding, crashed into the Georgian goal. The VerdiBlancos had played blast. It was Joacun’s time for the green and white madness without managing to dominate his opponent. Madness has been published. Mamardashvili embarrassed Borja again and Brian Gill emerged to try to get the captains, Gay and Soler, to avoid an inevitable extension and penalty.

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