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Copa del Rey: Betis-Sevilla, the cupbearer derby for Indian goalkeepers | King’s Cup 2021

 Copa del Rey: Betis-Sevilla, the cupbearer derby for Indian goalkeepers |  King's Cup 2021

Betis – Seville (9:30 p.m.)

The goalkeepers mark the Seville derby, with the spotlight on Rui Silva and Dmitrovic.

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Children always look at the footballers who score the goals. But if, as a child, you look at those who receive them, it is because you were born for this, said the exporter Juan Calatayud. The goalkeepers are very present in the improvised gatherings in Seville on the eve of a new derby. Chance has paired Betis and Sevilla in the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey, which will be decided in a single match. The Verdiblancos and Red and Whites arrive equally at the match that will be played tonight (9:30 p.m.) at the Benito Villamarn: they are third and second in the League and in a month they will play both, against Zenit Saint Petersburg and Dinamo Zagreb respectively, the sixteenth of final in the Europa League. His bows live a moment of grace, even brighter after a few years spent with doubts under the crossbar.

Sevilla face the clash without its owner, Yassine Bounou, Bono. The Moroccan is playing in the African Cup with his country and will have to leave his post Marko Dmitrović. The Serbian will not have it easy to make his partner forget, who has been consecrated in 2021 as one of the best goalkeepers in Europe. A fundamental footballer to understand the good defensive performance of the team of Julen Lopetegui, which has barely conceded 13 goals in the league. Dmitrovic who, despite Bono’s good moment, has been responsible for the gloves in all the Cup qualifiers (Crdoba, Andratx, Zaragoza), will experience his first derby from the grass rectangle.

The goalkeeper, born in Subotica and trained in the lower categories of Red Star Belgrade, arrived at Sevilla from Eibar last summer. His great season in the gunsmith team triggered the debate: Terico starter or luxury substitute? His coach, despite giving the Serbian minutes, has been clear throughout the season: Bono is unquestionable.

Dmitrovic increases the competition for the position, despite usually starting from the bench, improving the performance of Tomas Vaclik, Juan Soriano or Sergio Rico. His anticipation and his high game are his greatest virtues. He is a confident, focused and serene goalkeeper. Facing the eternal rival, you will also enjoy the paradise that is to keep the nets with soccer players like Kound, Diego Carlos and Fernando round. It will be an ideal moment to vindicate himself and show that he came to Sevilla for more than just watching football sitting down with his gloves on the ground. A real power alternative.

Alternatives for Pellegrini

More nuances have the decision on who will defend the Real Betis goal. three goalkeepers, Claudio Bravo, Rui Silva and Joel Robles, you have at your disposal Manuel Pellegrini. The Chilean, who was a starter in the league derby, is now back after his adductor injury and his forty by Covid-19, the Portuguese has shown to be in great form, as he showed in the draw at home in Vallecas against Rayo and the Spaniard has played all three cup rounds for his team, with victories against Independiente Alicante, Talavera and Valladolid. Who will adjust the mitts is something that only his coach knows.

Rui Silva.Quality Sports ImagesWORLD

Pellegrini’s management with the goalkeepers has been one of continuous rotation. Only Bravo’s absences have tipped the balance in Silva’s favor in the last month. Robles hardly counts and the confidence in him for the Cup was surprising, despite being a priori accessible rivals in these first steps of the competition. Due to the state of form, regularity and commitment, it will be Silva who starts the game tonight.

At the beginning of the year, the goalkeeper from Granada starred in a story of commitment and professionalism with his club. On January 31, he received the news of the death of his father. With permission from the club, I traveled to Portugal to say goodbye. After just 72 hours, and by his own decision, he put on his boots again and wore the elastic of the thirteen bars to try, in vain, to avoid Celta’s victory. The defeat does not tarnish his example or his responsibility. For Silva, as for his colleague in the opposite area, it would also be his first derby under the sticks.

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