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Copa del Rey: An exercise in subversion by Dembl saves Barcelona in Linares | King’s Cup 2021

 Copa del Rey: An exercise in subversion by Dembl saves Barcelona in Linares |  King's Cup 2021

The Barça team, in another agonizing encounter, came back and obtained the classification for the second round thanks to the goals of the French and Ferran Jutgl

Nico and Dembl celebrate 1-1 in Linares.J. GUERREROAFP

Win and forget. There is no other. This Barcelona that could not even get away from the agony in its confrontation against the humble Linares, team of the First RFEF, saved as it could its access to the eighth of the Copa del Rey. To do this, he had to overcome a goal against, rely on an exercise in subversion of Dembl, and thank that proud young people like Jutgl always deny surrender. [Narracin y estadsticas]

In front of the advertising of Bar Los Jamones and in front of Riqui Puig Y Jordi Alba, two footballers who were actually specters, Linares plotted their rebellion. Fran carnicer, the local fraud, a player who seven months ago had to be revived on an ICU stretcher after suffering a stroke in the lung, centered like the angels. Without any opposition. Riqui and Alba preferred to petrify themselves, with the carefree air of someone who feeds the pigeons. The ball reached Hugo Daz because Mingueza, who was the one who had to take care of the brand, he did not even know where the forward was going to surpass him. In front. From behind. What difference does it make. The 1-0 was nothing more than the consequence, no longer of fatality, but of collective clumsiness.

It cost the Catalans their own thing to interpret the idea of ​​a match concocted by Xavi. The plan served to reach the rival baseline on the flanks, but without the possibility of finishing the plays. Dani alves, who debuted second was in an official match with Barcelona at 38 years old, started from the right inside at 3-4-3. Nico Gonzalez, the most clairvoyant, took over the position of midfielder, with Riqui Puig on his left. And in attack, Jordi Alba must act as a left-handed winger, with Jutgl as striker and Ilias on the other side.

No function. To a large extent due to the lack of delicacy shown by Barcelona in interior areas, where Riqui Puig perhaps lost his great opportunity to show that he deserves a place in this team. The small midfielder, always conditioned by the expectation and promise of a splendid future, has been playing modestly. He asks for the ball at the foot, runs away from the risk in the passes, and his bad positioning ends up costing him a good number of losses. Xavi Hernndez no longer allowed him to continue after the break. It was not a way to point it out, but to seek some sanity.

Dani Alves and the crners

And Bara, who had only sensed real danger in the domain of the goalkeeper Razak In that dawn in which Araujo finished off one of the crners thrown by Alves, he chose to surrender to the verticality and the constant hammer blow.

Xavi saw the stage so ugly that he already started the second half with Piqu -substitute for the bruised Araujo-, Frenkie de Jong -who also ended up injured- and the savior Dembl. They were the three players the technician had given a starting break.

The Linares of Alberto Gonzalez, who was already carrying a tremendous physical effort, denied his fatigue as much as he could. He even tried to throw intimidating counterattacks, aware of both the Bara’s null structural reliability and the shadowy opposition of the goalkeeper. Net. But the one who could not control Linares was Dembl, who must have understood that a good performance in a round of 16 of the Cup could serve to vindicate that generous contract that he is pursuing. This time I complied. He crashed a ball over the crossbar in one of those forays where he tricks with genius and, above all, scored the tying goal. He was able to thank both his left-footed shot from the top of the area and Razak, essential for the ball to reach the net.

Across the ocean, Neto’s extravagant defense of the goalkeeper allowed Lolo warrior sing a 2-1 that was not. The Brazilian goalkeeper went so far back that the ball ended up bouncing off his belly before passing him. I dodged the mockery because right in front of me I had Hugo Daz offside, which invalidated the action.

Jutgl responded to the shock, that forward with a hard look and efficient manners who achieved the Barça winning goal 20 minutes from the end thanks to an advance on the left that he knew how to crown, after cutting, with the right button.

This Barcelona in which the presence of Dani Alves forces suspicion, in which Dembl seems an indispensable type, and in which teenagers are the ones who drag the Titanic, even in propitious territories like Linares, avoiding suffering seems like a complicated task .

Reference from elmundo