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Copa del Rey: a cry of “corruption in the federation” and an uncomfortable box for ‘Ruby’ | King’s Cup 2021

Copa del Rey: a cry of "corruption in the federation" and an uncomfortable box for 'Ruby' |  King's Cup 2021

The president of the Federation, seated next to King Felipe VI, followed the final with a painful week of accumulated tension.

King Felipe VI with Rubiales, in the box.Julius MoozziEFE
  • counterchronic Cup final is won early

A cup in Cartuja to seal the most sore week. louis rubialesin the box next to King Philip VI, attended by guests of a box who did not forget the last and volcanic events. Indispensable companion gesture after missing a torrent of sensitive information known to be hacked mobile phones. pact audio between ruby ​​and Gary Regarding commissions, income distributions, rejected offers, calling the king emeritus, requesting for Olympic favors…

Issues generating debate over ethics, double standards and conflicts of interest with officials present in the final, such as the president of the Junta de Andaluca, John Manuel Moreno, President of the Generalitat Valenciana, zimo puigo, or the mayor of Seville, Antonio Muoz Martinez, The President of Betis also participated, lose angel, Club President Anil Murthyand the son of the owner of Valencia, kiat limo,

Rubials, seconds before the game, insisted that he had been the victim of a conspiracy. “I’m fine, calm down. The theft of the contents of my mobile has caused me an act of terror that I would not wish on anyone. I am overwhelmed by the support I have received. I am for football Will continue to work,” he told Telecinco when King entered the box.

The coach sat very close to Rubiales luis enrique, Jose Francisco Molina (Spanish Federation Sports Director) and Rafael Gordillo,

atmosphere in the stand

The strange atmosphere in the elite arena was in contrast to the party in the stands. Valencia fans unfurled a giant mural with the slogan ‘Bronco y Copero’. To dream that we have no roof, with images of Mendieta and Piezo López. Followers of the Sevillian squad displayed a poster with the slogan ‘Betis, Al’. The Bticos were the majority in the final, two-thirds of the field dressed in Verdiblanco’s clothing. They also gathered at the Benito Wilmarn Stadium, where 40,000 fans watched the final on a giant screen. The proceeds (two euros per person) went to UNICEF.

There was no whistle in Cartuja against the emperor of other occasions. Nor was the whistle of the Spanish anthem heard. What’s more, it was chanted. There was music in the prelude to the meeting with the performance of alaska You mario vaquerizo,

Not forgetting complaints An uncomfortable box due to some hobbies and the noise of the directors. Slogans of ‘Corruption in the Federation’ were heard in the Valencianist occupied stands, when hernandez hernandez Admonish Paulista,

Lim’s complaint

The Valencia campaign confirmed that it is ready to pursue its demand for an “arbitrary and unequal” distribution of revenue from the Arab Super Cup. The club was the first to criticize the change in format and the distribution of money among the tournament’s participants. Its managers believe that both the audio known these days and the explanation given by its protagonist support the complaint filed in court against the Federation’s delivery method. Lim’s son insisted this Saturday that it was necessary to balance the club’s accounts. We want the title, but the club also needs to be financially stable to exist and win trophies. In the end, we all want the best for the club. Before entering the guest area of ​​La Cartuja, he said, “We have to stay united.”

There was restlessness due to absence in the compartment. Pedro Sanchez I didn’t go to Seville. S was the Minister of Culture and Sports, Mikel Iseta. President’s dismissal came after two days isabelle rodrguezA government spokesman would describe as “reprehensible” from a moral and ethical point that the Spanish Super Cup is held in Saudi Arabia and would call on the Spanish Federation to reconsider the tournament’s selection criteria and organization, as it does this. It is difficult to understand that a national championship is played in another country and Spanish fans cannot enjoy it.

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