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Contempt for Enrique Maas | cycling

Enrique Mas at the end of the 15th stage of the Vuelta 2022 between Martos (January) and Alto Hoya de la Mora (Grenada).Xavier LizzyEFE
  • Tour of Spain, Step 15 Evenpoel faces mass scratch in Sierra Nevada

They coexist in the Movistar team different personality, Some high-ranking people are convinced that Criticism of “whatever is done” The team is cruel and unfair. others accept the unfavorable opinion and know that the historical structure is in a period of change that does not end curdling Hit movies of the bygone era.

The hit-making figures over the past decade have gone, New signs come and go with more pain than glory, They do not get results as per their expectations, records or reputation. It seems that the movement of employees is not finished (next departure Head of Performance Patxi Villa confirmed by various sources). The lack of points to retain the top world class has also led to a clash between the team and the Spanish coach, Pascal Momparlour, Who has been denied the transfer of Alex Arnaburu and Iván Garca Cortina for the World Cup on 25 September wollongong (Australia). This latest glitch is global and affects other teams and various national teams.


But in Movistar team not everything goes wrong, After frustration over Enrique Maas’ lack of leadership in the Tour de France, his nervousness problems on the descents and his return due to Covid, hope is back. He finished second at the Vuelta 2021, he is in the third six steps – not as demanding as those already disputed – from the podium in Madrid. It’s on the front line of the battle from the start of the race, when LaGuardia’s ramp was picked up hours after an amateur? received him so lovingly: “Package, bastard!”, And that he behaved as a neighbor’s son would have done. A member of the Movistar team commented, “The package thing is fine, but the other thing already justifies an answer.”

Enrique Maas entered the queen stage of the Vuelta in second place.Xavier LizzyEFE

Enrique Maas dropped from second to third Of the general classification after the individual time trial in Alicante. His strengths were overlooked in difficult stages in the Basque Country, Cantabria and Asturias: he never attacked, always at the wheel … such half truths Those who have no knowledge of the position of the legs, the position of their opponents or slogans, and the team’s global strategy. me a. had to ‘wax’ remco evenpoel Who has plans to show up at the Vuelta since preseason, another big no in between. “It was enough to be able to follow him”Mallorcan replied.

Enrique More This Sunday is attacked in Rani Charan, And, of course: if the glitter has gone up to Enrique’s wheel. David of the Cross and ‘none’ Miguel Angel Lopezthat if the Movistar team didn’t put anyone in the breakaway and end up with nothing in half a minute Hoya de la Moraes… the classics of contempt for Mass, a runner who Transmits low energy and enthusiasm of attention Although the Progress and Dee fantastic specs. Enrique is doing great (only the falls have denied him a very remarkable 2022 present) and he’s still Deserves more credit to come from where it dipped in July,

It is true that, since he stood for his ‘number’ as sub23 and junior, Enrique They are classified as ‘Pitchfra’., His technicians remarked that there was no consensus between the physical faculties that were measured scientifically and the confidence he showed to embody those qualities,

Eusebio Unzu, engaged in The slow maturity that the 21st century vehemently denies (Bernal, Pogacar, Vingegaard, Ayuso, Rodriguez, Erensmann…), he still hopes that he will develop the confidence that comes with maturity. Some of them are visible in front of 27-year-old Enrique Mas in the Vuelta major rival, And it’s good that it’s announced Though We’re More Excited Than The New Wave Kids SnatchThose who do not know – at the moment – neither the fear of dying nor the fear that their group will be divided. ‘Young and Carefree’, as Laurent Fignon defined his generation in his autobiography, which he would publish.

Was more confident on the last rest day that he would like to go out on the podium and at the risk of losing his UCI points, but would have to The nerve attack that pays off and the liability for eventual bankruptcy Which no one would ever want to take.

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