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Coach Vicente Moreno fired by Espanyol: Definitely, it’s the best decision. LaLiga Santander 2021

Coach Vicente Moreno fired by Espanyol: Definitely, it's the best decision.  LaLiga Santander 2021

The coach, who was sacked two days before the end of the league, called for unity in his farewell to a club that has so far also distanced itself from sporting director Rufait.

Vicente Moreno at the press conference.Enrique FontaubertaEFE

march of Vincent Moreno This isn’t the only drastic decision Espanyol has taken in recent weeks to suffocate a particularly rarefied environment. As indicated by the club in a statement, its director of sports so far, Francisco Joacun Perez, RoofetteNor continue to be attached to the blue and white body. louis whitehead of assistant Parrot, will be in charge of directing the team in its final two league games, and Sunday BowlTill date the technical secretary of the institution, for his part, will be in charge of handling the sports management.

The former Blue and White coach without question considered his departure in front of the media as the best solution. We have been able to work in a fantastic club in every way, and we have been achieving the objectives that were being set. In a three year project, the first thing to do was upload successfully, if we look at the data that the team projected. Later, we achieved sustainability in the second year, and I think with solvency. It was certified in the last game, but we practically got through it in eight days. Perhaps, by receiving it so clearly, it was devalued. Looking back on the past year, we were so excited to finally have we thought it was the best time to make the leap in quality, but, apparently, we don’t need to mask: the season has turned scarce and that’s for sure. Arguably the best decision. Everything has a beginning and an end and you have to accept that, said one Vicente Moreno, who had words of gratitude for the entity, but who couldn’t keep anything from slipping away, from his point of view, a very painful reality. Appears to be: lack of unity.

During these two years, I felt loved by general fans in particular. Today, we are in a world that moves a lot through social networks, I am out of them, I am lucky and, of course, due to many circumstances that are not worth re-analyzing, the recent environment has become rare. I want to thank all of them. The process has been worth it and I leave with satisfaction of the objectives achieved. The former Espanyol coach said that this club has a lot of growth potential and if you all go together, I am sure you will achieve it.

Vicente Moreno has gone from heaven to hell in just one year. On May 8, 2021, they sealed a return to the First Division when the blue-and-white team fell into hell in the Second Division at the end of the 2019–20 campaign, marked irreversibly by the outbreak of the pandemic. This was the noble purpose for which he was signed and undoubtedly, he fulfilled it. Espanyol will, in fact, also be declared the champion of the category.

Now, on the other hand, the team’s poor sporting performance in recent weeks, which managed to advance to Cornell-El Prat in Osasuna, and its infamous struggle also sparked angry protests from the stands. Tom’s Rolo He has created a tremendously tense environment which the club wants to keep on track with two extremely hard decisions: his departure and that of Rouffet.

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