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Chelsea – Real Madrid (1-3): Benzema hits Chelsea and the Real Madrid Shield is reborn at Stamford Bridge. champions league 2021

Chelsea - Real Madrid (1-3): Benzema hits Chelsea and the Real Madrid Shield is reborn at Stamford Bridge.  champions league 2021

Chelsea-Real Madrid (1-3)

The Frenchman scored his second consecutive hat-trick in the Champions League as the Whites defeated the European champions at home (1–3).

Benzema with the ball against Chelsea.Neil HallEFE
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anthem of Champions League activate shield real Madridone who stepped on the grass Stamford Bridge in mode’European Cup, Great, exciting and with the weight of history on his shoulders, he scored two goals in the first 25 minutes To silence a bursting stadium, in the exception allowed by the British government amid restrictions Ukrainian War, if eleven months ago madrid ZidanePhysically squeezed, dead on the same European coast tonight he claimed football after weeks of suspicion.

started with ancelotti faith valverde on the right, giving air, legs and effort to the three formed by Casemiro, Modric and Croso, Uruguay is a blessing to the Madrid midfield, both in defence, helping Carvajal, and in attack, dragging the team along with its strides. The width of the white team led to more space for Kroos, who had one of his best games. Thus came the first goal. German found vinicius In three quarters of the field, the Brazilian gave it to Benzema and the latter, first of all, left a diamond in the hole for his teammate. Vinicius, who had hit the crossbar minutes earlier, won the race Christensen and gave in BenzemaIt’s almost impossible to end up in a high ball.

The French turned their neck to perfection and headed for the near post. mendy To overtake a better Madrid. Without time to reflect on the effort, Modric had a few seconds left to think about the cross as measured from the top of the large field, which ended with a header from Benzema stepping backwards. Its captain’s head held Madrid together two unexpected moving goals what was going to happen in theory a game hell, Unexplained things about football. 0-2 paralyzed Chelsea for a few minutes until the stand reactivated it and HavertzContinuing with the header, sent a cross into the net. jorginho, It was the 40th minute, the typical psychological goal, but the soul of the European Cup goes with Madrid.

Mendy’s mistake and Madrid’s resistance

A minute later, a one-on-one against Benzema Mendy failed very clearly and the Whites walked into the locker room with a resoundingly forgiving 1-3. between, Tuchel shakes the tree, three central defenders were charged with defense and Kant was released into the dugout. key words that describe how Ancelotti had opened it, And as if that wasn’t enough, in the first game of the second half, in the inexplicable deal the club has with the Champions League, Benzema took advantage of local goalkeeper Mendy’s mistake. they will sound with action donnarumma Conditions that marked elimination in the match against PSG. Mendy picked up in the center circle. an approval from casemiro and failed while trying to pass Rudiger, His ball goes short, Benzema comes to fight him and the rejection falls on his shoes, pushed by the shield. from 30 m, the Frenchman scored an empty goal her second consecutive hat-trick in the European Cup.

Double-value elimination of away goals keep Chelsea alive in tie 2-3 . look forknow that a narrow defeat and victory at the Bernabeu sent the quarters, at least, to Expansion, Militao’s injury. Courtois pulled out several important hands, one of them for the soccer ball. azpilicueta who went into the squad, and LukakuTuchel’s solution, gives a clear shot.

Physical problems punished Ancelotti’s men in the final stretch and the Italian had to improvise on the fly. Bale finished as center forward to Benzema’s discomfort and Ceballos and Camavinga He entered through Kraus and Valverde, the latter also facing difficulties. The same diya whites faced timid local attacks, more heartily than football, and embraced 1-3 with which they take a big step towards the new semi-final. A situation that only Madrid can explain.

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