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Champions: Villarreal undercut Bayern and dream of reaching the semi-finals champions league 2021

A goal from Denjuma gave the victory to Emery’s men, guided by a great Lou Celso, who had enough chances to settle the tie (1–0).

Denjuma celebrates the goal against a disappointed Neuer.AFP
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Julian Nagelman I wanted to leave the tie resolved at the Estadio de la Cermica. I didn’t expect Villarreal to be the only one to do this. In a spectacular game, Unai Emery’s team defeated a Bayern team that was close to returning to Germany with a serious improvement. What he couldn’t do was extend his streak away from home. The record of 22 outings in the Champions League without a loss ends with Danjuma’s goal Joe invites Yellow to dream of repeating his debut feat in the competition and standing in the semi-finals.

Lo Celso’s match was to be saved on video And enjoy it every now and then. The Argentine footballer opens up a range of possibilities for Emery that allows the Basque coach to surprise the opponent with his approach. Before the Germans they built a square in the center of the field. There was no pure climax but he played that role several times Gerard Moreno And Denjuma, Bayern’s central defenders, was too open for the band to leave without any context.

Sometimes it was Coquelin who appeared in the field as a false ‘nine’ and as he exercised at the edge of the break. His goal, with a pinch of luck as it was actually a poisoned cross and caught Neuer off guard, was invalidated after VAR discovered that the Frenchman was slightly ahead when received in the box. As such, Bayern were saved from a virtually compromising position as it was second only to the Castellon team, which took an early lead in the action that worked to wrap up Lo Celso’s match.

The Argentine was arming himself with Gerard and filtering the pass from the front as he handed Foyth on defense to cover Davis’s rise. In one of those aids he recovered, relieved pressure from the Germans and headed for the band. After throwing a wall with Gerard, he reached the baseline and sent back for a shot from Parejo, which Denzuma deflected before a sold-out Neuer.

good approach

The goal did not change the script of the game in which Nagelsmann’s team dominated but did not pose a threat. The Germans were not able to break Villarreal’s systematic and compact defense, with two very close lines and whenever they could they defended in a high block. He specifically tried on the wings but neither Koman nor Gnabry managed to get the ball to the missing Lewandowski. It also happens to Bayern who retain some ticks from the Guardiola era, occasionally abusing passes and wanting to make plays as quick as possible. As a result, he went into the break without shooting between three positions and only took a few shots off the edge of the box to his mouth.

Yes, there was a bit more sharpness after the break and Koman took just five minutes to put the venomous ball into the small area where Mueller and Lewandowski had little chance to pierce. The greater the risk from the Germans, the more facilities for Villarreal with danger reaching the Neuer region. Despite the fact that Bayern continued to dominate, the best or chance was for the people of Castellón, who could have taken a good income from Munich if they had been slightly better in the final.

Emery’s men took advantage of the places their opponent had left behind to repeatedly position themselves in the area., Gerrard hit the post and was narrowly missed by a midfield shot after stopping Neuer, who went off his goal to start the game. Davies also interrupted another arrival from the Catalan when he was already finding his footing against the German goalkeeper and Denzuma fell asleep in the area after being completely alone and face-to-face with Nier. The last one was for Pedraza, whose shot missed the goal after receiving another stroke of genius from Lo Celso.

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