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Champions: Villarreal leaves Anfield injured in two minutes from two blows. champions league 2021

Champions: Villarreal leaves Anfield injured in two minutes from two blows.  champions league 2021

Liverpool 2 – Villarreal 0

A much better Liverpool canceled out Emery’s team and kept the tie on track with a goal from Mann and another Astupin in their own goal.

Sadio Mann scored Liverpool’s second goal.Ollie ScarfAFP
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Villarreal was able to cancel out two giants like Juventus and Bayern, but this time he had faded away at Anfield. Unai Emery’s team leaves Liverpool alive, but with a difficult mountain to climb for the second leg, is forced to come back with two goals after a game in which it was canceled by Jurgen Klopp’s team. had gone. The people of Castellón were practically not present in the attack, subdued by an opponent whose intensity is difficult to bear. Nor did he show the perseverance this time around that propelled him to emerge gracefully from the last two qualifiers. goals of idiotat your door, and Man They were the lesser evil for a team that needed to be in their maiden Champions League final (2-0) signing their biggest achievement.

Liverpool knew how to cancel Villarreal from the start. don’t even let go Ruli will start the game small, his trident will be very high and HENDERSON keeping a close eye Equal, Forced to play longer, Emery’s team found it difficult to put together five passes and the ball lasted for a breather before the English pushed it. I missed more presence of capoue and Parejo, also the omnipresence of lo celsowho was put in the band so that chuquezé was a partner of danjuma in attack.

fabinho You thiago They won the game against the Yellow Corps and from there the game went on, especially looking for the band. on the right, the addition of Alexander-Arnold They almost always ended up in the center of the field. louis dazi, instead, tried to go inside and outlined hitting the door. The greatest danger, however, posed by the man’s uncontrollability at the center. He had his first big chance, forcibly leading a shipment from Salah.

The harassment of Klopp’s team suffocated in a half-hour stroke, with Roulie and his defense barely closing the rut, unable to escape strong pressure from Liverpool. The British did not need much to plant themselves in this area. With just three touches, request He had a big chance he ended up on the crossbar after Alexander-Arnold passed a shot from behind for the first time. thiago, The precision of the Spanish-Brazilian long play allows the Englishman not to give up his vertical football and to add to his palette the pause that even the Spanish international knows how to give. He had the best chance of the first half, with a thirty-meter kick that crashed into the post.

help of salah

Villarreal’s resistance did not last long against Liverpool who were applying harder and harder pressure but needed a bit of luck to break Castellón’s resistance. A cross from Henderson touched Estupin and he poisoned himself until he ended up in the net despite Rulli’s desperate effort. The goal further increased the momentum of the Anfield bonfire and Klopp’s team. Only two minutes later Mann picked up a shipment from Salah to make another.

Liverpool were pitted against a Villarreal who were interested in minimizing losses at the time. A robertson A goal was denied after completing a delivery in the field and Luis Days missed another cross shot by the centimeter. Till then Van Dijko He wanted to join the party with a dry blow from the front which Rully barely took.

Emery wanted to change the inertia by which the game was slipping with triple shifts, putting in among others asparagus To try to catch a ball that his team was barely smelling. But it’s hard to stop a team like Liverpool when they get into a race. He also risks making things easier for the Englishman if he exposes himself too much in search of a target that will make Tuesday’s second leg less climbing, where he will need his best version to make history. .

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