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Champions: Villarreal dreams for a while but finally gives up on Liverpool champions league 2021

Champions: Villarreal dreams for a while but finally gives up on Liverpool  champions league 2021

Villarreal 2 – Liverpool 3

Emery’s team came to equalize in an extraordinary first half, but England’s reaction in the second half forced them out of the final.

Villarreal mourns after admitting to one of his targets.beel lioEFE
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Villarreal dreamed for a while that he could reach the final. Unai Emery’s team did the hardest thing they brought from Anfield, being able to level 2–0, in an excellent first half which they could not sustain after the break. Liverpool’s reaction in the second half allowed them to win the second leg (2–3) and left Castellón’s men with honey on their lips, but after showing they were with Europe’s best, their heads held high. Huh. ,

The Estadio de la Cermica is not Enfield, but the atmosphere it created on the pitch was the first stone on which Villarreal made his comeback. Some bleachers pushed down to burst, set of pawn stone It showed a completely different image than what Liverpool had offered a week ago in the first leg. One team and the other exchanged their roles, with Villarreal commanding, applying pressure, recovering quickly and taking the ball into the box against a dwarf English team and perhaps surprised by the reaction of an opponent who had hit Anfield. I could hardly raise my voice.

It also helped him to score a logically after three minutes. deka pau There was no script for a comeback in the last one but scoring the first goal as quickly as possible is one of the first things to appear on the list. Villarreal, who scored only once in 90 minutes in England and it was offside, took advantage of the former and had to ignite the flame of hope even more. it was okay dayThe author of the shot at Anfield that opened the scoring after a cross from Astupin capoue He kept his foot, it is not very clear whether to end or prolong.

destruction of lo celso

The goal cemented the plan of a Villarreal who wanted to be a hero and who had a footballer he missed last night at Liverpool. back to eleven Gerard This gave Emery’s team many more options when it comes to the ball, something they faced with horrors in the first leg. The Catalan lowers the ball, catches it, delivers it, or continues play itself. Or give passes that come close to making it 2-0. Klopp’s team lost the ball and Gerrard quickly dispatched to the field. lo celso from this point of view allison, Argentina were knocked down before the Brazilian goalkeeper left, but what looked like an obvious penalty was not even reviewed by VAR.

Gerard aside, Villarreal as a whole is more reminiscent of Bayern than Enfield, with the extent of excellence in all its lines. Albiol became the great marshal of defense and was giving lessons in how to stop a threat such as Man, It also helped Klopp’s decision to keep the Senegalese on the wing, where he did not appear as much, as referenced above. diogo jotaWhich was completely ignored. It did not take long for the German to retreat, at half-time he was replaced by Luis Diaz, who started the first leg.

Liverpool player Konat during the match.beel lioEFE

The other major problem for Liverpool was that the scenario was not conducive to their pressure and counterattack football. Barely reaching the target, he could not put pressure on Villarreal’s ball, but he threw up his lines, causing the English team to lose with a stellar capo, who was also a hero in the action with which Yellow The team had leveled the tie. , The Frenchman won the bottom line and at the half-turn he hung the ball to the far post, where Coquelin headed for the top corner.

Fabinho returns

Emery’s men had done the hardest thing, bringing down one Liverpool to the least, who, however, did not say their last word. The picture changed completely after the break, when the best version of the team came out. kloppo Against a Villarreal who gave a feeling of being empty in his meritorious return. Now it was the ‘Reds’ who were in charge and anticipating in almost all plays, besieging Castellonnes in their field and starting to pose a threat after the first half in which they did not shoot on goal.

Daz started mischief from the left edge and Alexander-Arnold sent the first warning with a shot from the edge of the box that hit the crossbar after touching Coquelin. Some shots from Thiago and Luis Daz were the prelude to the goal. fabinhoJoe entered the area with Salah and hit Rully with a cross shot.

The blow caused much damage to Villarreal who fell apart and no longer reacted, leaving a return free for Liverpool which had been played at will. louis dazi An Alexander-Arnold cross led to a draw and shortly afterwards Man He relieved Rully and Foyth to score goals on a clean sheet and sealed Liverpool’s place in the final.

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