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Champions: The Transformation That Saved Carvajal From Eternal Despair | champions league 2021

The Madrid academy player went 20-21 missing 36 games, started working with a nutritionist and suffered no injuries at all in 2022.

During Carvajal, Osasuna-Madrid.getty

in 2013-2014 season he got lost Two In sports, due to muscle injuries 14-15 two others, in 15-16 eleven, in 16-17 at nine 17-18 in thirteen 18-19 sixteen, in 19-20 one… more in 20-21thirty six, race of daniel carvajali In this real madridCome in Champions You Champions (four in total), it has been a constant battle against his physique, especially since an imprisonment that disrupted the habits of the planet and led to the worst football course of his life.

Last season, played only Carvajal 13 matches in league and two in European Cupbarely 1,119 minutes Which filled the club’s medical services, coaching staff, footballers and their crew with suspicion, who no longer knew which door to call to solve an eternal problem. I was surprised by the image of the time Zinedine Zidanedesperate in the band alfredo distfano, throwing his fist in the air when he noticed that his winger, the key to all of the team’s Champions Leagues, was injured again. This was against on February 14, 2021 Valenciaand she was only wearing 28 minutes On the pitch after spending five days away. Resume. I came back to play against the second leg of the semi-finals ChelseaBut he was at the limit and had to stop.

Madrid’s ‘push’

In a moment of complete pessimism, Madrid had an outpouring of confidence with their young squad and announced their renewal until 2025, Four years and a whole lot of physical drama seemed crazy, but the difficulties of finding the market match the level that Carvajal had shown in his best years, age The defender (29) and his need to boost him emotionally accelerated the signing. about twelve months later and though Legans Having met with misfortune on several occasions, it seems that this decision has been the right one.

A Lesin last summer and the other set off all the alarms again in mid-September, forcing ancelotti throw too much Lucas Vazquez And reflecting on the board likely going to market, but Carvajal has changed. After these physical problems, the protector went to the Basque nutritionist and physiotherapist Itziar Gonzalez de Aribaswho had already worked with Sergio Canals, He changed his diet and discipline for the rest, and helped the team he leads Antony Pintas in valdebebasHas reached the end of the season at its best in many years.

Strict diet and blood sugar meter

be more careful work load, with him health benefit And this gymand add to all that work swimming pool And at home, where he’s found an important diet throughout this process. He eats neither gluten or wheat, nor cow’s milk or red meat, and he eats a lot of white meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. like i want to have breakfastBroccoli, lunch and dinner every day, he joked. In addition, he often uses the glucose meter visible on his hand in various sports. It is a device used by diabetics to measure blood pressure. sugar level Everything in the blood to stay on the pitch as long as possible.

Aware of his tendency to fall into the nerd, Ancelotti entices him with Lucas to ensure the best version of Carvajal in the Champions League. And over time it has turned out well. after doing a fines in paris and suffer against Chelsea, in manchester was the best after Vinicius and Benzema And tonight he will have a new opportunity to reach the European final, in which he has once again felt like a footballer. He hasn’t got any injuries in the whole of 2022, has accumulated 2,272 minutes, 11 Template in that aspect, and even back to the calls selection, I said footballer.

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