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Champions: The Story of Simeon and a Sacrifice (Under Suspicion) | champions league 2021

The coach left Manchester and was convinced that being out alive despite De Bruyne’s blow was already a small victory.

Simeone, on the bench at Atletico in Manchester on Tuesday.EFE

During his nine adventures with Champions at Atletico, Diego Pablo Simeon He has tasted the experiences of all colors. Some, as with that first attack against Manchester City (who knows whether with the second one), is recorded in Rosiblanco fiction. At the Etihad, Cholo’s method managed to control the blue cyclone for 70 minutes. He did this by protecting his heart and paying a steady toll that never hurt. in the locker room they are convinced that 1-5-5 without that drawing, which pep guardiola To wake up to prehistory, today there will be no substitute for fantasizing about a feat in the Metropolitan of next Wednesday.

Antoine Griezmann You joao flicks He sacrificed his aggressive soul (nothing new to the French) to defend a plan that had been going on for some time. Whatever happened didn’t happen by chance. Not for either of the parties. A little mistake, with a spark in the middle Phil Foden You Kevin De Bruyneindicated what might be a scuffle. He experienced it last season during a visit to the Allianz Arena in Munich, where Atlético had a crash (4–0) on their first night in Europe. Essence has always shortened the path to success.

Because Guardiola’s team, the strongest behind Liverpool (70) behind (against 18 goals) and the second most feared offensive in the Premier League, swam in despair for a long time. He didn’t get to shoot on goal throughout the first half and did so only twice during the second. No one at Atletico left with a feeling of being crushed, as it happened that night in Munich, against Pepes Bayern in 2016. The Germans shot 33 times and went on to score 11, although on that occasion Rosiblancos did manage to put himself in the goal zone. Manuel Neuer, and even killed his opponent on counterattack. That was the idea again. Griezmann was more cokeWhich withstood the siege of which the Bavarians held 73%.

more capture in returns

“We have to improve and try to get the ball more. When we were able to circle, we created difficulties,” Simone set out with a view to the second leg. In Manchester, both the ball (68%) and the chance (2) belonged to City. But the Argentine coach, who had imagined a 180-minute panorama from the draw for the quarter-finals, was convinced that getting out alive, despite De Bruyne’s shock, was already a small victory. None of his players rechrist.

Regarding aesthetics, debates about forms are legit. However, it would be within a week when it would be known whether the sacrifice was worth it. “They know they competed well. You have to defend without shame,” Simmons insisted on his view, already a year earlier, thanks to his approach against Chelsea, in the round of 16. The first phase was filled with criticism. , during his exile to Bucharest.

picture of Thomas Lemaro turned into a street and fairy leashwith louis suarez And Joao Flicks, biting in the middle, as Joao and Griezmann themselves did on Tuesday, were called almost sacrilege. Those aesthetic debates mean little to Cholo. Nor will Guardiola, who this Sunday (5:30 p.m.), will have a crucial duel for the premiere against Liverpool on the Etihad pitch, before traveling to Madrid.

mau’s brushstroke

Although today it is regarded as distant, there was an afternoon in which Simeon had to stick his elbow almost before his approach, which is now being questioned. This happened on the sunny afternoon of April 22, 2014. He faced Chelsea in the semi-finals of Atlético. Jose Mourinho, also of Fernando TorresThat after several unsuccessful attempts with Liverpool, he set foot in his home for the first time.

The fact that the Portuguese coach, accustomed to 180 minutes of hard fighting, saved his goal, forcing Torres to fight alone against the world. Diego Costa I couldn’t find a place. Diego Ribas You burn it immediately They could not invent (0-0). an episode of desperation. The rojiblancos managed a 65% possession and the tie, as is well known, fell to the rojiblancos at Stamford Bridge. memorandum of Understanding, the owner of two champions, was not shy about his approach to that chess game. Why don’t I have

Sometimes the end justifies the means. And, as in this case, had to survive in the metropolis. There, in a scenario where they haven’t won a Champions League game this season, and are forced to pull off De Bruyne’s scratch, they’ll have to devise another script.

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