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Champions: The stark story of Junior Messias, the Atltico executioner who distributes refrigerators and washing machines | Champions League 2021

 Champions: The stark story of Junior Messias, the Atltico executioner who distributes refrigerators and washing machines |  Champions League 2021

After a serious car accident in Brazil, he moved to Turn, where he also worked as a bricklayer to earn a living.

The header of Junior Messias that was worth 0-1 in the Metropolitan.REUTERS

Atltico must win in Porto and look askance at Milan in two weeks to try to stay alive in the Champions League. The head of Junior Messias on Wednesday at the Metropolitano, a footballer with a history even more curious than his name, has led him to this complicated situation.

Like so many other Brazilian boys, Junior Walter Messias He had an innate talent that he was polishing in the Cruzeiro quarry in Belo Horizonte. However, his wayward character and alcohol had led him off track and at the age of 20 he was in the third division. Then came the point of no return, a serious car accident that nearly cost him his life. After rescuing the ambulance from the pit he had rushed into and spending time in the hospital, he decided to change the course of his life and took a plane to Italy where his older brother was trying to make his way into the world of football.

In Turn he began working as a bricklayer until he met scar Arturo Vargas, a Peruvian who ran an electrical appliance company and who offered to be a delivery man in addition to joining a team made up of Latin American players that competes in a local league. Several years passed. The monkey, as he is known in the family, he had managed to rebuild himself and live with dignity. His soccer skills among fans were visible to few spectators but one of them was going to be coincidentally Ezio rossi. The former Torino defender attended one of those pachangas and, dazzled, recommended his signing to several fourth-category teams in the area.

Back to unemployment

The Fossano could only offer him 700 euros a month, 500 less than what he earned delivering refrigerators and washing machines. But Casale s were encouraged to propose a salary of 1500 euros and the Brazilian responded to the confidence with 21 goals in 32 games that meant the promotion of the category. After a brief stint at Chieri, the Pro Vercelli – already a professional group – became interested in Junior, but some bureaucratic problems prevented his file from being processed and he was again unemployed. He started again from the bottom and his scoring efficiency for two years at Gozzano opened the doors for him, now his passport finally unlocked, from Crotone in Serie B.

In the southernmost region of Italy, on the toe of the boot, it was love at first sight with a visceral and dedicated fondness. The Calabrian team achieved promotion to Serie A in the first season of Junior Messias, who had already turned 29 years old. Nine goals and four assists did not serve to ensure the permanence of Crotone but they did for Milan, once other options failed, to send him an offer on the last day of the last summer market to complete their squad. “I dedicate it to my family and friends in Brazil, but above all to those who believed in my signing made possible for me. My path has been different from the rest, so this goal is for them,” the Brazilian launched yesterday in the mixed zone of the Metropotano.

The great competition has left the old appliance delivery man only a few minutes, but his first goal as rossonero leaves Atltico on the edge of the precipice, Milan very close to qualifying for the second round and Junior completing his life story. “This is the most important thing that has happened to me in life, although now I do not have to stop being humble. You can never sink when things do not work out or grow because of the praise. You have to maintain a balance,” he concluded. Nobody like him to talk about the ups and downs of football and life.

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