Champions: The signing of the Copa, two champions, one defeat and Mbapp’s “no”: pars, love and heartbreak for Madrid | champions league 2021

 Champions: The signing of the Copa, two champions, one defeat and Mbapp's

The Whites signed Copa, a French star, after defeating their Stade de Reims in the 56th final at the Parc des Princes. In 2000 they won eighth place at Saint-Denis, the venue for Saturday’s final.

Madrid players celebrate the first European Cup won in Paris.EFE

In Paris rule real madrid first time June 13, 1956, it was in princess’s parkAt the premiere of ‘In the West of the City of Love’European Champions Cup‘, fueled that new competition santiago barnabu, 66 years old Later, Madrid, its Madrid is the capital of France with an eternal headquarters for its battles. all won two champions league finals (1956 and 2000), one is lost (1981) and from its land Kian Mappo He has said no to him, starring in a news story from the last decade and broadcasting Madrid’s sadness along the way. Saint-DenisWith Oregon on the edge of the venue for Madrid’s Fourth Date Signal, 2022 passes through Paris in the white set.

In the first continental crown, Di Stefano, Rial (two) and Marquitoso goals of Leblond, Templin and HidalgoFuture French coach, to win 4-3 Reimso’s StadiumMILF French Champion Beans 38,239 viewers In the stands, Gallic cheering for the vast majority of the team. In just ten minutes it was possible to see which was the favorite team of the public, which reassured the history of that time. Something similar was experienced in those weeks, though not with the same ending as the atmosphere in Madrid has experienced and suffered with Mbapp in recent months.

“I Don’t Know Why Real Needs Me”

Raymond KupasA legendary star at the Stade de Reims, he signed a deal with Bernabeu to play for Madrid from the following season. tena 24 years old And he was one of the best players in the world. He was instrumental in two of his team’s three goals that afternoon. After what I’ve seen in this game, I don’t know why Real needs me. your team is completeStriker declared after the match. But Madrid needed him, and so showed up. Between 1956 and 1959, Copa played 103 games, scored 30 goals, won three european cups and crowned his stay with two leagues and 1958 Ballon d’Or,

A career as a Madrid, which, at least until 2025, will not have an MBAP. for them 23 years oldThe Paris-born striker is not part of the French colony of Valdebas, historically necessary for Madrid to win the European Cup. Ten of the thirteen White Champions had French football players. in template. Only in the first, in the fifth (1959) and in the sixth (1966) were achieved without French presence. copa i started the ritual karembeau I followed him in the seventh and anelka in the eighth before the goal of Zidane in the ninth. then they will arrive Benzema and Varane For four champions in five years and now Karim, mendy and camavinga Defending the French presence.

Paris and the Spanish Destiny

After that premiere in 1956, France would not host a European Cup final again until 1975, when Bayern i beat Leeds In the Park of the Princes. It was the only Champions League final on French soil with no Spanish team. Six years later, the Gallic Stadium would repeat to see Madrid fall, right against Liverpool, and Madridista glory would find its place in French lands with its construction. Stade de France in Saint-Denis, which placed them eighth against in that Spanish duel Valencia in 2000 Bara Will uphold the Spanish ideal with the stadium 2006 and now, as an emergency headquarters after UEFA Denial To commemorate it for the war in St. Petersburg UkraineObserve a new battle of Madrid to become the champion of Europe. Although always Paris mbpp this should not happen Raymond Kupas,

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