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Champions: The pulse of Madrid and City’s ‘caudillos’ at the Etihad champions league 2021

Champions: The pulse of Madrid and City's 'caudillos' at the Etihad  champions league 2021

Manchester City – Real Madrid

The heroes involved are awaiting a response from their greats in the semi-finals that face Ancelotti and Guardiola on Tuesday. Valverde, who substitutes for Casemiro, proves himself right.

Madrid, at the Etihad.Peter PowellEFE

If there is anything that all the heroes of this semi-final agree on, it is in the fact of the weight that can be placed in the clash of leaders, in just a few hours, Manchester City and Real Madrid will play. He said Carlo AncelottiInsisted pep guardiola and until faith valverde He claimed that Madrid’s youth have their own quota, which is not only a matter of the most experienced and hierarchies. low and elusive tone RealThe last day, had nothing to do with it. Madrid is stronger than City, so the ‘citizens’ want to try and play until exhaustion.

There are many leaders in Madrid. Guardiola quotes him: Modric, Kroos, Benzema, Alaba, Casemiro… the last two, however, are in doubt because of their muscle problems, in case the mendy, Everything indicates that Alaba may headline the Etihad, but hardly a Brazilian. If so, Ancelotti has two options, but they all forgo Valverde’s inclusion.

Rodrigo or Camavinga

If Uruguay serves the center, Rodrigo Can capture the right band. If you hold it at an angle, it could mean the inclusion of camavinga in place of the Brazilian. The second would correspond to the team that played the first leg at Stamford Bridge against City and Chelsea with the aim of counterattacking.

“I feel more comfortable in the center, from where I can progress, because there is always something missing,” Valverde said. The Uruguayan, who claimed the role of the youngest, said, “It has me reworking, almost in the starting lineup, and I don’t want to lose it again”: “I think we have even in difficult moments. contributed and showed character”. Guardiola said Madrid has a group of players who “don’t burn the ball” when they lose 0-3. Valverde believes they are more.

Casemiro is one of those leaders who could miss Ancelotti if his return is confirmed. However, they remain. “At this point, my job is very simple, you don’t have to tell them anything,” said the Italian.

Reuben Dias character

For Guardiola it is different. He has a lot to say to his team, because “we haven’t been like Madrid many times in these conditions”. City are a dizzying team, unstoppable with a tailwind, but brittle in conditions like they went into the second half at Metropolitano. Recovery of Reuben Days This is a relief for the coach, although it will be necessary to know what his actual position is in a duel much more demanding than the one he played against Watford, which he saw on Saturday (5-1) for many worrying. was defeated after the results. ,

The Portuguese centre-back was elected captain by the team in his second year. The coaching staff also takes part in the voting. He is Guardiola’s leader, however, as Madrid (Alaba, Casemiro, Modric and Kroos, and Benzema) do not reproduce that role line by line. debrienne They have aggressive leaders, sometimes a volatile talent, and Rodri, Pivot, by its very nature is no different. Therefore, for the city, it suits him that the ball rolls more than feelings.

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