Champions: The Perfect Love Story: “This Is the Greatness of Real Madrid” | champions league 2021

 Champions: The Perfect Love Story:

Real Madrid 3 – Manchester City 1

Ancelotti waving to the stands after the 1-1 draw summed up yet another episode in football’s greatest love story ever.

Ancelotti and the coaches greeted the fans.Manuel FernandezAP
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When orset brake pits, casemiro You Karim Benzema They met on the way to the locker room tunnel. And they smiled. When Rodrigo Scored 1-1 while the clock touched minute 90, Carlo Ancelotti He waved his arms up and down at the crowd. He didn’t give any instructions. I didn’t speak I just screamed at the sky chamartini, And Chamartin answered. that this is madrid!, was heard between the seats of barnabu, Rodrigo became the first footballer in the knockout round to achieve a double in double stoppage time Champions And the secret to the greatest love affair football of all time has done the rest.

Another magical night of the kings of Europe, in the last one prayed the tifo of the stand, Benzema like Caesar asked for battle. You we are the kings of europe, Barnabu with the final whistle, at which point there were eleven players. Manchester City They leaned on the grass of the White Colosseum. Madness. Ancelotti, who became the only coach to reach five Champions League finals, applauded fans as they tried to stop the tears from their faces. i’m back in life, said while celebrating the league last Saturday. His resurgence on the bench handed Madrid’s gold generation a fifth continental final, a victory that began before the opening whistle, when caraletto He showed his players all the comebacks they have made so far in the season. Eight. And the video ended with a phrase: ‘missing one more’‘, said the Italian.

“There’s no way to explain it”

players are my friendsThe technician was hesitant in front of the television. A phrase that is not too far from reality. caraletto He is a coach, but also a collaborator and psychologist of a spinal column who has been able to spread the trust and mystery of this indescribable relationship to the youngsters who have come to the Madrid dressing room in recent years. it is amazingThere is no way to explain it, declared Casemiro, who was trying to summarize the season: the great virtue of this year and this club is not to give up and fight until the end. suffering on the bench with brazilian modric and croso Whereas Camavinga and Valverde Duel reigned. Off the field, Benzema also saw the end, which met the final whistle in a solitary celebration on the grass. He raised his finger to the sky and was excited to see the stands. few meters away, Vinicius and Rodrigo They hugged each other on their knees, modric I follow fans of classic songs Ace! Ace! this is how madrid wins You danceThe one who bandaged the captain’s arm consoled the city players one by one.

Ancelotti’s coaching staff surrounded their leader and began a huddle in which he saved the blanket for an imaginary victory in Paris, while the rest of the team jumped ‘into the pool’. animation grandstandThe one who got 0-1. started applause after Mahrez, The greatness of this club is, This is a club that does not allow you to lower your arms. It gives you the strength to move on, to continue, to believe… you must have everything, even luck, Ancelotti insisted. psychological benefits, When everything seemed to be over, we looked for the last energy. If you draw a match in the last minute, you have a psychological advantage. You enter another dynamic.

“In two words: Real Madrid”

RodrigoThe hero of the night and the writer of 1-3 who brought life to the team against Chelsea praised his coach almost to tears: I have no words, I am honored to be playing for Madrid. The confidence that Ancelotti gives me is very important when I start and when I go into the game. Courtois, who reappeared in the final minutes of extra time, was more powerful than his teammates. In two words: Real Madrid, Everything is possible, declared the Belgian, who led a lap of honors that he carries in every game and that last night the whole team performed, including the injured. in the dressing room, Militao, Vinicius, Mendy and Camavinga He staged night dances. locker room is a familyThey say in the club. A family on their way to Paris.

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