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Champions: The Miracle of Manchester or How to Avoid Defensive Chaos | champions league 2021

Champions: The Miracle of Manchester or How to Avoid Defensive Chaos |  champions league 2021

Manchester City 4 – Real Madrid 3

“At the Bernabeu we have to defend better. That will be the key to reaching the final,” predicts Ancelotti after so many mistakes.

Foden battles for the ball with Militao at Manchester Stadium.AP

lack of casemiro, which has historically been considered without problems, was only one of the reasons for Real Madrid’s poor defensive play. With four goals scored, the worst record in the Champions League since February 2019, we had to add 15 shots from a runaway City, who played almost at will for several minutes. For poor performance at individual level, with a mention David Alaba either Adder Militaowe had to add tactical doubts Carlo Ancelotti, forced to mend his plan after the break. If Paris’ low retreat, with the team far behind, had left such a bad taste in its mouth caralettoYesterday’s high pressure proved to be even more unsuccessful. “At the Bernabeu we have to defend better. That will be the key to reaching the final,” he admitted after the lovely defeat.

The lack of synchronicity, some with jumping to the opponent and others without movement, left Madrid in no man’s land. So he had to bring the team back 4-4-2. In that drawing change, Luka Modric pulled the line high, while toni crosso get help from faith valverde Based on the play. With so many flaws in the game without the ball, Italian coaches wanted to make their team smaller. Not so aware of the accusations of the city cavalrymen. You toni crosso He was the first to thank them. Because yesterday his performance was too complicated. The loss of his teammates exposed him as well.

“City put five players behind the half line and you can’t cover it with four defenders,” Ancelotti admitted minutes after the final whistle. And I could count on him from the start eduardo camavinga, with a clear rise in the final days of the league. The French’s energy and elasticity ahead of the central defenders had nothing to do with Croce’s arguments, much less physically, though with a much more competitive edge. Carletto did not want to find himself in a dire situation like Pizzun’s, when Camavinga recklessly confused self-esteem, until he became a threat to his team.

De Bruyne as Havertz

Of course, Guardiola was the one to take advantage of any weakness on the sides of the axis. first, because Kevin De Bruyne, Riyad Mahrezi either Bernard Silva They go through those areas with great skill. Secondly, because Madrid were already weak against Chelsea there. In fact, the 1–0 action between Mahrez and de Bruyne was a copy of the goal of approx. Kai Havertz on Stamford Bridge. Kroos only follows the arrival of the Algerian with his eyes in the correct profile and . could do with the last gesture of daniel carvajaliWith his feet raised too high, he could never stop the Belgian power.

With so much free space, De Bruyne has never looked like it before. Or even more painful for Madrid: they could play against rivals at the bottom of the premiership. Last Saturday, without going further, with Poker Gabriel Jesus against Watford. But it is that the great historical dominance of the Champions League not only thwarted anchorage in the spine, but also a minimal degree of defensive intensity. As a brutal proof, only to mention that the first offense was committed to wait 40 minutes. and i did viniciusBack off in support of your side.

Alaba’s worst night

Amidst the defensive chaos of the first half, nothing as striking as Alba’s mistakes. A favorite of whites, not only because of his lack of force in the goal action of Gabriel Jesus, but also because of the constant inattention of the ball in the left profile. Thus, almost unsurprisingly, City were seen with an unusual advantage for the semi-finals. Because in the entire history of the Champions League (1999 and 2009), 2-0 had happened only twice before the 12th minute. Although Alaba was able to make up for his mistakes with an almost uncontested header, Ancelotti didn’t hold his pulse after the break.

“I accused him of physical discomfort, he was not comfortable and to avoid problems I have removed it,” explained the white coach as an excuse for the defender’s worst night with a Madrid shirt. In any case, the Austrian and Casemiro will both be “ready for the return leg”, according to Ancelotti, who will also specify Militao’s toughness, far above his usual level in LaLiga. Facing Gabriel Jesus, a striker who has never looked the same, the Brazilian found himself not even to pair dance in the second half. set only in the second half sky blue He finished inside the field eight times and wasted three excellent opportunities, two of which were in Mahrez’s shoes.

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