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Champions: the key for Real Madrid to reach the Champions League final in Paris | champions league 2021

Ancelotti must fix tactical problems and defensive errors before Pike is called prematurely in the second leg at the Burnaboo against City.

Ancelotti instructs at the Etihad.Ollie ScarfAFP

Etihad’s 4-3 doesn’t put Madrid past the top that calls for its impossible return, although Manchester City’s level that dictates it pep guardiola Not just any rival. The first leg has left conclusions that need to be reviewed as the keys to reaching the final in Paris.

Casemiro and midfield

The recovery of the Brazilian, who was absent at the Etihad, is essential, as well as a restructuring of the midfield. option used by Carlo Ancelotti along the way, valverdeYou Rodrigo On the right to keep 4-3-3 in his offensive version, it didn’t work out. The city showed extreme superiority in the area, with Rodri being very comfortable and many passing options. Yes casemiro With the second leg ready, as Ancelotti conceded, the Italian would have to decide whether to regroup with Rodrigo on the right or choose Valverde as Stamford Bridge, the fourth midfielder during several stages of the match. converted into Now Madrid need to win, a goal, but without so much versatility and much control against a possessed opponent, and looking for attack rather than speculation, as Guardiola warned, could complicate the purpose of the classification. Is.

improve defense

Etihad’s seven goals had a common denominator for both teams: defensive errors. Two Technicians Take Risk With Touched Soccer Players praise You Stone, and they had to improve. Despite the effort and expense of looking for central defenders, the lack of greater defensive rigor is almost endemic in the city, not in Madrid. Arrival and Key Settlement of Alaba military He gave solvency to the whites this season. On the other hand, they broke up at the Etihad. Although the Austrian was able to do less work than his contractions, the same cannot be said of the Milito. carvajalSlow down in anticipation and confused in front of the city’s many aggressive paths. to the left of ‘citizen’, where they associate debrienne You foden, Defensive assistance needed. One man is not enough. We are talking about, in general, one of the most difficult teams to defend, with all its pieces, despite the fact that in the first stage Gabriel Jesus Offered a definite reference as nine. That doesn’t always happen. Guardiola has also chosen that demarcation Bernard Silva Like a false nine. mendy He returned from an injury and had good offensive contributions, especially the center of Madrid’s first goal, but lacked the force he needed.

First goal and Guardiola effect

Scoring first at Burnaboo is not a guarantee of anything. let them ask pochettino either tuchel, However, if it is not Madrid who do this, they will doom themselves to premature Pika storytelling and emotional effort which they have already done several times this season. The experience of both teams is incomparable, so the first goal can make a huge impact if it is the city that suffers it. As stated by the Catalan coach, their players have not found themselves in the position in which the Madridists have found themselves so often. Guardiola has done it several times, and at the Bernabeu where his record is better than his record globally in clashes with Madrid, with 12 wins in 20 doubles. This is six wins from nine matches and only one loss with Bayern (1–0) at the White Stadium. Most of the time he has done it with initiative and very quick pace of the game. The return will be the same.

rotation or celebration

Four days before the second leg of the semi-finals, Madrid hosted Espanyol at the Bernabeu, in a match in which a draw would make them league champions. The squad intends to celebrate it, nothing that should hurt their concentration for the Champions League, although other voices would recommend postponing it. Before that, Ancelotti will have to decide whether he does the rotation to reserve the most important footballers. The virtual triumph of the title recommends it, but Italian has generally not been in favor of a massive change. For players like Casemiro, having minutes to get back in shape is as good as it is risky. Benzema He is a franchise footballer who has scored forty goals this season. A crash for Mr Champions would be tragic for Madrid. There is a ‘Benzema dependency’.

Liturgy of Barnabus

In the Champions League, none of the stadium owners and guests have the legend of Burnaboo. This week will ignite an environment that is vital when Madrid needs it. The Liturgy begins with the welcome of the teams. Barnabu has something to say on its way to Paris.

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