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Champions: The Feelings of Barnabu and Beyond the Game of Guardiola | champions league 2021

Real Madrid – Manchester City (21.00)

Ancelotti insisted that hearts would not be enough and the Catalan coach confirmed that reaching the final would take more than just a good game.

Benzema and Valverde during a training session with Madrid.Antonio VillalbasEFE

The feeling against the game. If this semi-final between Real Madrid and Manchester City were to be conceptually simplified, a similar conclusion could have been reached. The first leg showed it, a scorching City for their combination in attack and level of possession, and a Madrid that unlocked the coffin three times, clinging to an indecipherable algorithm that makes them the best team in the worst case scenario. The results, tonight (9:00 pm-Movistar) at Bernaboo, will be no different. pep guardiola It is the flesh and blood representation of the game. Carlo Ancelotti He was raised in the football elite, so he has adapted very well to Madrid’s heraldry and his historical fortune. However, both cautioned that playing and appealing to history is not enough. Like all intelligent people, they know the value of relativism. There is a footballer in Madrid of emotions who plays like no one else, Benzema, The city of the game is led by a coach who best combats the Bernabeu’s power. The Champions League final to be held on 28 May in Paris has not arrived with the absolute truth.

If you reach the final or win the Champions League, you don’t just do it for the heart. There are many aspects: the heart, of course, the commitment, the personal quality… You can’t beat City with just the heart and the push of Barnabu, Ancelotti said. Guardiola insisted that playing a good game was not enough to beat Madrid. Obviously we have to play better than the first leg to pass. But maybe we can play worse and pass. He said football is unpredictable.

Guardiola’s recovery side

Better than the first leg, where City won 4-3, it is difficult to do it offensively, but not defensively. Guardiola recovers i cancel but still doubt walker, He could not rely on either of his two opening full-backs at the Etihad, and that’s where the problems came. StoneTouched, appeared on the right to replace in the second part fernandinho, Two aspects of the circumstances that created the water. The stones have already been discarded.

Ancelotti also saw his team in defense in a shipwreck. so i decided to line up praise very finished. This should not happen this time, although the Austrian remains in the call. danceHis natural replacement has shown protection this season.

The Italian coach appeals to the character, but gets away with a provocative speech in which everything was at the expense of the atmosphere. need more. Guardiola is not affected by stage fright. It even excites you. As an away manager, he has lost only once to Bernabeu (1–0 at Bayern) in his nine visits. What the Catalans cannot control is how to impress their players, all very experienced personally in high-level matches, but less so as ‘citizens’. Guardiola needs the most praise about his opponent, as he said in Manchester, and that is that his players don’t burn the ball in difficult moments. The city, like Madrid itself, goes through them. The Metropolitan’s travel history left the question of whether the collapse was physical or mental.

All the protagonists of that conflict refer to fatigue, including the FA Cup semi-final and the Premier Final in conflict with Liverpool. Madrid will attempt, today, to take them to that place, to a symbolic end to the fear.

Valverde’s Choice

Guardiola has no reason to change things that have already been worked out at the Etihad, where the situation Bernard Silva As a midfielder, as a false nine, the role played by the Portuguese for the second time, was a success. A Stajanovist joins the work for its quality. On the other hand, for its counterpart, the ownership of Rodrigoso you can choose valverde, heel to the right but with more weight in the center of the field. Madrid have to win, but a gap goal doesn’t mean a knight is called.

Both the teams have arrived with good feelings from their previous matches. Although they are big on winning the league title at Madrid, their game against Espanyol was less demanding than City Leeds, where they could not let their advantage at the Premier’s head against an opponent fighting for permanence. Mark four goals, as many as Madrid at the Bernabeu, where Ancelotti was able to start. Nothing indicates that it puts you in a clear position to benefit. After playing the cup final in Spain last weekend, he arrived at the Etihad with more comfort than the ‘citizens’.

De Bruyne and Benzema

Guardiola’s record at Barnabu makes it clear what to attack. The first goal isn’t going to be certain, but it could be of great value to his team mentally. However, this Guardiola is different from the one coming with Barra, even with Bayern. The adaptation of English football has made it more practical, less dogmatic. However, he knows his message is in the hands of his players, and that these make for a great performance. so afraid Benzema, so wait debrienne,

age of twilight Christian You Messiand without mbpp Having managed to pass the quarter-finals, on the way to the final that the war in Ukraine has shifted to his city, the move to appointment could also mean personally jumping to the empty throne. On the other hand, no one knows that place in the team like Madrid.

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