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Champions: Spanish and British fans will be able to condemn the robberies of the Champions League final in their respective countries. champions league 2021

The French Interior Minister, Graald Darminin, has proposed that these demands be presented “from next Monday” at the French embassies in both countries.

French Interior Minister, Graald Dormanin, appearing before the media at a press conference.Mohammad BadrEFE

Spanish and British fans, victims of robberies or attacks during the recent Champions League final, will be able to file complaints with their countries, France’s interior minister announced this Wednesday, grilled darminin,

In an appearance before the Senate Commission to discuss the events surrounding the match, which Real Madrid and Liverpool played on 28 May, Darmanin stated that he was going to propose that these complaints be recorded.from next monday“In the French embassies in both countries.

Dormanin, who maintained his thesis that the problem with access to the grounds was in the presence of thousands of English fans without tickets or with false tickets, considered that the failure of the day”.injury to our national pride“and that”things could have been done better,

The minister assured that there were “enough agents” in the protective equipment, including 6,800 soldiers throughout Paris, but insisted that around 110,000 showed up at the Stade de France in the financially depressed dormitory town of Saint-Denis, north of Paris. . , while there were only 75,000 entries.

He elaborated that the first filter detected 2,589 false entries, all in the field of English fans, and gave the example that one entry was repeated 760 times and the other 744 times.

spare capacity

Darmanin and the presence of the Minister of Sports, Amalie Auda CasteraAgain a key showed the question of overpopulation and attempts to reach the ground without a few entrances, but mentioned little – except to answer the senators’ questions – the question of attacks by local criminal gangs.

conservative senator Michelle Sevin he thought ifThe purpose of this communication strategy of alienating almost only English fans is to ignore such criminality.“. Dormanin acknowledged that”crime was more important“That game compared to other sporting events held in that stadium and attributed it to the very high volume of attendees.

The hearing in the Senate came after the main French opposition parties today called for the resignation of the interior minister.

right wing leader sea ​​lepensupposedly the minister should “go”The failure that took place in front of 400 million spectators and gave “a scandalous image of France”“, as announced to the public channel France 2,

On the other side of the political fanatic, MEPs manual bombardOne of the most important allies of the leftist formation leader La Francia Insumissa, Jean-Luc MlenchonDormanin of lying to the extent of ticket fraud and concealing public order problems.


In addition, French government spokeswoman Olivia Gregoire apologized to Liverpool fans. “I’m sorry. Can we do things better? Yes,” he admitted after a meeting of the French executive, adding that French President Emmanuel Macron wanted transparency about what happened.

The French press reported this Wednesday that Macron himself has acted on the matter. Macron, very fond of football, “I was angryA source close to the head of state told the news channel bfm tv, What happened on Saturday for the President was “shameful“I”WasteFrom France, also quoted by TODAY weekly “Le Canard Enchan”, according to other sources close to the president.

Saturday’s set of mistakes has been a huge blow to the image of France which is preparing to host major world sporting events soon: the 2023 Rugby World Cup and above all, the 2024 Paris Olympics.

In both cases, the Stade de France in Saint-Denis would play a major role and the security of the site and its surroundings has generated much controversy outside the country, although the interior minister has so far rejected that point to focus his criticism. is ignored. On Liverpool fans.

The Sports Minister further said that for the future they would work on several axes: managing the flow of people, better communication and information towards fans, more flexible security and greater focus on offense and better control at entrances.

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