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Champions: Some reasons why Atltico is grateful for Savic’s return to Europe | Champions League 2021

 Champions: Some reasons why Atltico is grateful for Savic's return to Europe |  Champions League 2021

After serving his four-game sanction, for his red card against Chelsea, last season, he returns with the team forced to win the two remaining games to be able to be in the round of 16.

Savic hugs Surez during a workout.EFE
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For Stefan savic (Mojkovac, 1991) there are many non-negotiable things. One of them, for example, is to travel to Montenegro in summer, while on vacation, and spend a few days in his quiet hometown. There, as a child, I thought I would be a handball goalkeeper. But it was a soccer ball that allowed him to fulfill some of his dreams. This Wednesday, after four punishment games for his expulsion at Stamford Bridge, during the second leg of the round of 16 against Chelsea, last season, he returned to the Champions League. He does it against Milan, a rival he knows from his time at Fiorentina. Andrea Berta, today the rojiblanco sports director, who dominates every corner of Serie A, took his eye on him and, after paying 12 million and the transfer of Mario surez, has become an athletic icon.

Without him in Europe, Atltico has conceded six goals in four games. Five of them against Liverpool. Without him in LaLiga, where he missed two games (Real Sociedad and Levante) due to physical problems, his team has conceded four goals. Despite some slippage like that of Vitoria or Mestalla, their presence gives meaning to a good part of Simeone’s defensive network. In 11 games, Jan Oblak, his partner in the locker room, has only scored nine. And three of them in the inexplicable outcome in Valencia (3-3). For Oblak, by the way, Savic has accidentally scored four goals since 2015. Nothing that is not fixed off the field, where they have a great connection. Next to Vrsaljko and Saponjic make up the balcony wing of the locker room. We only need one from Bosnia, joked the central, captain of Montenegro, during a talk with this newspaper.

In almost 400 games in the elite, 213 of them with Atltico, he has only been sent off twice for a direct red card. And both have meant a penance of four encounters. The first, in 2015, for elbowing Antonio Cassano, during a Parma-Fiorentina. The second, in March, for a slight elbow to the chest by the Chelsea defender Rudiger, who was struck down with a grin, and a few high-voltage words to the referee Daniele orsato. Stefan is fluent in Italian, as is Spanish and English (apart from his own). And he does it, he presumes, learning by ear. That play in London has also ended up being a voluminous stone on the winding athletic path in this Champions League. His minutes have been squeezed without success Philip, who was sent off at Anfield, after a scary night in Liverpool.

The third power station in the Simeone era

In his first exercise (15/16) it was difficult for him to enter into the Simeone (24 games). However, he closed it by playing the 120 minutes of the Champions League final at San Siro. Today he is the third center-back with the most games behind him in the era of the Argentine coach. Add 16 less than Gimnez (229) and he still has his former partner away Godn (344). After renewing his contract in the summer, he has until 2024 to continue polishing his story in the Metropolitan. Stefan is hierarchy, security, personality … Everything he transmits does the team good, Simeone praised him, in the preview of the decisive match against Milan.

After the departure of Salt to Chelsea, was chosen fourth captain. Although, in reality, Stefan had long been a captain without an armband. It was possible to verify last season, when it was the key to the system of three centrals with which Atltico attacked the League. Much to his regret, he missed the decisive match in Valladolid. You are losing LaLiga and someone [Budimir] He is celebrating and taunting you in the face after scoring. My personality is like that. I can’t turn my head and say ‘nothing happens here’, he recognized in the rojiblanco documentary Another way of understanding life. That yellow one had almost a week without keeping an eye on a guy accustomed, as he himself claims, to not dawn before 10 a.m.

This frigid night Savic returns. And the Atltico is worth nothing other than to beat Milan. He will also have another eye on Liverpool-Porto. His mission is to earn what he has left.

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