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Champions: Simeone’s kiss to the Milan stands and the squads thinking about Porto | Champions League 2021

 Champions: Simeone's kiss to the Milan stands and the squads thinking about Porto |  Champions League 2021

Should Milan beat Liverpool, the rojiblancos will have to win at O ​​Dragao by one more goal difference.

Simeone, on Tuesday, in the technical zone of the Metropolitano.EFE

Not a minute ago Junior Messias had scored the Milan goal, when from the highest balcony at the north end of the Metropolitan, where a large group of Italians were, a handful of offensive compliments began to rain on him. Diego Pablo Simeone. Their interista heart and the joy over a victory, which seemed inevitable, led them to cast their gaze (and their throats) on the Atltico technician. And he, oblivious to the storm, with the internal pain of that goal that puts them in a tremendous fuck, responded with a greeting and throwing a kiss.

A poisoned kiss, with the future of his team in Europe hanging by a thread. Pending that final in Porto to which Milan has also signed up at the last minute, which will host a Liverpool already classified at the San Siro. Should Milan beat Liverpool, they will have to do it by one more goal.

The Champions does not forgive you, it lets you pass if you deserve it and we will go find the game that we have left with merits to continue in it, Simeone spoke with an open heart and water on his neck. Again, like last season, when he had to be played at cold Salzburg, at the expense of a final away from home. Although the matter rather resembles that of that 2017, when it ended up falling to the Europa League after drawing against Chelsea.

They have studied us very well

Josema Gimnez, who had to have no rest at the insistence of an indefatigable Milan, was very affected by the defeat. The team is very touched, he said bluntly. It was a final, we had it very clear. We know that we cannot fail and it is defined by a detail, the Uruguayan central defender abounded. In equal numbers they closed us well, they pressured us, they did not let us play, they arrived with a lot of people inside …, I added reeling off the game.

Griezmann, who left the field a few minutes before the blow of Junior Messias, I witnessed the final whiplash of Milan from the bench. They have studied us very well. We had prepared something and it did not go well. In the last 20 minutes we have rushed into certain balls, the French striker maintained.

More optimistic than ever

Junior Messias’ was the seventh goal that fits Jan Oblak in five games. As happened in Anfield, the sentence came from a lateral center. It was essential to keep the goalkeeper at zero and we have not succeeded. A lateral center and the player has scored. We are going to analyze it, but it is better if things do not happen like that, summarizes the Slovenian goalkeeper, who had never seen his locker with so many goals against before, during a group stage of the Champions League.

I am more optimistic than ever, because we are alive. And when one is alive it is a situation where we are complicated, Simeone concluded yesterday, with the Attica on the edge of the cliff.

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