Champions: Sevilla submit to Wolfsburg and come very alive to the final matchday | Champions League 2021

Lopetegui’s team controlled the game and barely conceded to a rival without arguments against Jordán’s quick goal (2-0).

Jordán celebrates 1-0 against Wolfsburg.EFE
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And the thing is that Sevilla no longer had any more extensions. On every span of grass, a battle. In every minute, a final. In each breath, a storm. Wolfsburg came out covered, with a line of four, filling the medullary, posing a long game, looking for the nerve wear. The locals responded with intensity and discipline. It was victory or nothing. It was either winning or a long goodbye.

Jules Kooundé he finished with force but centered a corner in the first minutes. You could see the motivation and the desire in the Lopetegui team, who screamed from the band, who asked for verticality and fang. At minute 12, Ivan Rakitic put the ball tender and accurate in the small area and Joan JordanAlmost imploring, dropping to his knees, he sent her head-to-goal. He screamed as if it were the last. There was in his rage a reflection of what his team’s game would be like. A luminous struggle.

Scared Felix nmecha with a very strong shot that Bond He swerved as best he could and ended up crashing into the crossbar. The hosts counterattacked after a failure of the central Brooks in 35, which was not forceful in a punt and allowed Jordán to face Pavao Pervan. The midfielder lost control, ruining the occasion, but the fragility of the Germans and the determination of the Andalusians became clear.

A meager treasure

Josuha Guilavogui he was the best of his team. Ubiquitous, generous, he held the wolves when they tightened the Papu Gomez, Munir and Lucas Ocampos, the improvised offensive trident raised by his boss after the cascade of casualties. Rakitic reigned and Ferdinand he did not give away a blade of grass. The stands, hopeful, cradled their own. The night looked beautiful, but a goal is a meager treasure, just a little shine.

After the break, the same tapping continued. Sevilla prevailing in the medullary and Wolfsburg blunted and pressing in vain. Florian Kohfeldt held his eleven until 66, giving entry to Maximilian philipp. Julen lopetegui he preferred to keep his eleven intact. The meeting got tangled. Many fouls, many inaccuracies, scribbled strategies and soft attacks.

Koundé tested Pervan in the 68th minute with an acrobatic volley, but the Austrian goalkeeper stopped safely and down with one hand. The clock ticked in favor of Sevilla, but their superiority languished and their football was blurred. Acuña and Montiel shone on the wings, both in attack and defense, while Jerome roussillon and Ridle Bakuon the other side, they were indolent and blunt. The script had no frills, practically surviving.

Mir’s sentence

The young Wolfsburg coach put Dodi lukebakio, Paulo Otávio and Kevin Mbabu when there were barely fifteen minutes of play left. A desperate attempt to add some logic to his narrow and confused attacks. In white they came out Oliver Torres, Rafa mir and Thomas delaney to give oxygen to Sevilla, who faced the final stretch of the match knowing that he was suffering and harassed. A tiny marker demands inordinate suffering. Those from Lopetegui slept the game and drove the green players away from their area. The meeting happened boring, without occasions, comfortable for a team that dreams of Europe again.

Sevilla won, which was their commitment, without fanfare, without enthusiasm, but with a reassuring assurance. Rafa Mir, in the last second of the game, with the entire Wolsfurgo battling blindly, with Pervan joining the attack, scored the final goal from Ocampos. Now you have to win in Salzburg to get to the next round. A new ending.

Reference from elmundo