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Champions: Return of Casemiro: The player for whom there is no substitute champions league 2021

Champions: Return of Casemiro: The player for whom there is no substitute  champions league 2021

Real Madrid-Manchester City

The midfielder, who missed the first leg after Guardiola took advantage of his absence at Manchester, looks crucial against City. Without him, Madrid have always suffered against champion teams as neither Kroos nor Camavinga serve in his place.

Casemiro celebrates the league title at the Bernabeu.AP

League is the toughest. We are the eldest and so we have 35. As we sealed the title by beating Espanyol and, like many times, with vinicius You Rodrigo Looking for her to celebrate with her older brother, casemiro He played what he is, what he has become in the nearly ten years since coming to the club via the service door: a Madridista. There are soccer players on the field, some, more important; In the locker room, no one.

For some of the team’s unexpected, it’s impossible to ignore the work the midfielder has done in blasting three other seminal Brazilians into success. ancelotti This Season: He Advised CameRodrigo and military Ever since they landed, it allowed one to think that they were as important or more important than themselves in the functioning of Madrid. But every absence of Casemiro strikes at that thesis. His return as a central defender against Espanyol was a blessing, not because of last Saturday’s incident, but because of Wednesday’s fight against City. Because Casemiro’s place is always the most complicated hieroglyph he encounters caraletto, Actually, they haven’t figured it out yet.

Although modric You cross garner more headlines and praise, his absence is less noted than in the case. Madrid have been overwhelmed by rivals at several stages, having lost three games this season against Champions League teams (in Manchester, the second leg against PSG and in Snatchez-Pizzoon). This was especially evident in the first phase against guardiolawhen only the genius Benzema And Vinicius allowed the defensive blunders and control of the game by Madrid to be concealed. He came out very much alive, yes, but he scored four goals. Cross five play is diluted, making the team more vulnerable in defense and impairing ball production by separating the German from left field where, usually, the entire white attack would have originated. Is. camavinga He has the potential to be Brazil’s mid-term substitute, but today he gets too messy and his ability to see the cards, and see them too soon, the position of the team, as seen very clearly against Sevilla. had gone.


Casemiro, for now, is the only one and luckily for Ancelotti he will be back on the center line against City. hard to imagine debrienne, Bernard Silva either Mahrez Out in the open, in waves and with hardly any protest, as seen at the Etihad. Of all the defensive figures, the Brazilian is Madrid’s most decisive midfielder to date. Yes, he is the one who commits the most fouls of the entire team (1.8 per game), but also the one who makes the most successful tackles (2.6 on average) and the second who steals the most balls (1.2) only behind the center like Militao. His presence triples as he makes his contribution and contributes to the release of Kroos and Modric. Guardiola, who ruthlessly exploited his absence in the first leg, driving Kroos insane by permanently attacking his back with five players, knows he will have to change plans tomorrow.

And, in the meantime, Casemiro will continue to be decisive inside and out, regardless. They say in the club that they have taken over naturally bouquets As a leader who has expanded his position as the older brother of the Brazilian clan to any young man who enters the locker room and who knows how to impose, with marceloEqual parts a relaxed and demanding atmosphere that has made this season a success that could be even better.

We don’t need reinforcements for Casemiro’s position, we already have his replacement in the squad, Ancelotti said last week. And, in a way, it’s true: The only replacement for Casemiro is Casemiro.

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