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Champions: Patience bears fruit for Guardiola: “It’s very difficult to attack 5-5-0 in prehistory or in 100,000 years” | champions league 2021

71% possession and 695 passes (90% success) translated to 15 shots for City, while Atlético did not shoot all night.

Guardiola and Foden, shortly before the British entered the fray.AFP

on the grass in just two minutes, Phil Foden do what you could not Riyad Mahrezi for over an hour. The first time he touched the ball, the England international found a dead zone in Atletico’s wall to activate Kevin De Bruyne, whose convenience of loading this field has brought them universal fame. In his 50th Champions League game with City, the Belgian made the difference with astonishing ease, although all of Manchester could capitalize on Foden’s skills.

“Phil is very deep, very straightforward. We knew that with and with his energy” Gabriel Jesus We can change our tone somewhat flat. with this, Jack Grealish Specialized in giving continuity to the game”, illustrated pep guardiola In his first appearance in front of a microphone, aware of the relevance of that triple change. Because in the 68th minute, City had scored only once. and a set piece.

“We thought they would play 5-3-2, but then they adjusted to it Griezmann far away and joao flicks left end. In prehistory, today and 100,000 years from now, it is very difficult to attack against a 5-5-0. There’s simply no room”, Guardiola fueled the debate with which he had handled the previous hours. In the Battle of Styles, City won the least. His 71% capture and 695 passes (of success) 90%) translated into 15 shots, although only two were well directed. Of the six blocked by the defense, none were as dangerous as a double for De Bruyne.

on the verge of approval

The City captain has already accumulated 11 goals and 17 assists in the maximum tournament with the shirt. sky blue, Few figures that distinguish the best reaching midfielders in the world, who are able to sow terror along their diagonals. In his thirties, he has reached a maturity with which he can prevail even in sports, as proposed by Simone. Hers was his team’s first shot, a direct free kick, where Oblak was waiting for him. his arrival that he did not know how to read in time Philip, And some of his actions at the wrong time that could have deserved the yellow. His absence at Metropolitan would have been fatal for Guardiola.

In any case, none of the lessons the Spanish coach can learn for a comeback is as clear as the importance of Foden. Because it took the young team less than half an hour to drop its best performance in the Champions League. Against a defense that was starting to show wear and tear, his freshness and skill were simply decisive. for the action of the target, in which he knew how to relieve the pressure of condogbia, I have given And reinaldo, only represents the prelude to two other fictional sequences. In the first, another pair of defenders on canvas left their caracol to the right. In the next one, out in front of his Pas de Bruin again almost hand in hand oblak,

Foden celebrates 1-0 with De Bruyne in Manchester.AP

There is a lot of talent on this city’s payroll, perhaps the team best prepared to face conservative plans as shown by Atlético. Guardiola said, “They are very competitive and the masters defend all at once from behind. We don’t play with a striker as a reference, we are small and light, we move well, so this It was a matter of patience.”

Perhaps their greatest success was cutting Atlético away from the domain of ederson, who didn’t have to deal with a single shot, well or poorly, throughout the night. Since 2003, when this data began to be recorded in the Champions League, there were only three instances for this offensive null. And two of them also involved Guardiola.

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