Champions: Not enough for Simone to elevate ‘Catanasio’ champions league 2021

 Champions: Not enough for Simone to elevate 'Catanasio'  champions league 2021

Manchester City 1 Atletico 0

The Rosiblanco coach came on a 5–5–0 finish for the longer half of the first half, with Joo Flix and Griezmann as two more defenders. Guardiola, after 70 minutes of impotence, pierces the wall with Foden

Simeon and Guardiola at the Etihad.Ollie ScarfAFP

Pep Guardiola and Diego Pablo Simeone not only encountered styles at the Etihad, but also ways of living. The City coach’s aesthetic concern was to overcome the desire to survive the Atletico coach, who had in mind the 2016 Champions League tie, from which he came out unscathed after an offensive rendition by Bayern, then guided by the Centpeder coach. This time in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League, Cholo was left halfway. This blocked a good portion of Guardiola’s attacking arsenal (the locals only shot twice between positions, the same as Rosiblancos), but it was a minor blow derived from Foden’s brilliance and Kevin de Bruyne’s definition. Couldn’t stop the defeat.


Despite Simeone’s normal 5-3-2 start, after 25 minutes he had already delayed his theoretical attackers Joao Flix and Griezmann, so that they doubled the side in an over-defensive 5-5-0. Gave. It was surprising to see how the Portuguese attacker was deeply involved in cutting off Cancillo’s advance, the first escape route devised by Guardiola. However, Joo became frustrated by the need to travel 60 and 70 meters to catch a counter.

Cholo went ahead 4-5-1 in the first half. Although placing an island above, first Griezmann, then Cunha, were of little use in the face of the need for the interiors to join the lines with the central.

no ball, no risk

This was the main slogan of Simeon, who did not care that the city was always about 70% occupied. Atletico spent the night barricading the last 30 metres, without any intention of moving on to start the rival game and always leaving center defender Stones alone. With only De Bruyne aiming at the goal, Cholo decided that his players would advance the line, albeit with such a sense that there was no way to generate superiority in the opponent’s field.

irrelevant change

Shortly before Guardiola rocked the game, Simeone decided to field Koke, Griezmann and Marcos Llorente (his bottomless defensive profile) to bring on de Paul, Correa and Cunha. The Argentine midfielder, without a ball to rock, loses all meaning. Correa had to take Vrsaljko to his street so he could contribute a little more. Whereas Cunha was an invisible aunt to his companions. Lamar’s entry also didn’t change the face of the night.

Guardiola corrects himself after error

work nine Foden did not practice it outside the starting eleven from the very beginning, but Bernardo Silva did. The Portuguese, stuck in a red and white web, without space or presence. Looking for space in front, he replaced Gnadogan and De Bruyne. When he went to the center of the field, he could never have found any lateral center catcher against the opposition of Felipe, Savic and Reinaldo, Atletico’s most outstanding defenders.

Foden, the great agitator

City were trapped in the center and on the sides – Mahrez and Sterling were wiped out at the ends – and with a shot on goal in 70 minutes, Guardiola eventually saved his most daring footballer, Foden, off the bench. The young footballer took one minute to generate De Bruyne’s goal through a spin between four rivals and a vertical pass that none of his teammates had dared to do before. The foresight of the English international set the night.

the patience of the city

Far from being impatient, Manchester City has never been in a hurry. Guardiola changed the fragments and locations, but not the meaning of his work. In fact, Foden’s goal was born from an advance through the same neck of the field through which his positional midfielder, Rodri, had previously advanced. Choral game makes perfect sense when it comes to talent.

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