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Champions: No. 17 final for Madrid’s gospel | champions league 2021

Champions: No. 17 final for Madrid's gospel |  champions league 2021

Real Madrid 3 – Manchester City 1

The Whites are finally back from the semi-finals (the remainder was nil out of eight so far) and will face Liverpool for the third time.

Benzema, along with Marcelo, celebrates reaching the final.Gabriel BoysAFP

With each year that passes, Santiago Bernabéu has fewer new stories left to tell his faithful. Real Madrid are squeezing their own gospel and are on their way out of song lyrics. Meanwhile, he grows his legend. The last line of his magic book came on the threshold of the 17th final of his life in the European Cup. your competition. No one else’s.

The Chamartine team, which never managed to come back from a Champions League semi-final tie (nil out of eight), defeated Manchester City and stormed into Heaven’s Gate. His heaven re. on the ninth, as that volley Zidane For the Hampden Park team, Madrid turned to the final tie before the Grand Final. Manchester United in 1968, Ajax in 1973, Bayern in 1987, 2001 and 2012, Barcelona in 2011, Dortmund in 2013 and Juventus in 2015… have always been a cross for whites. until Wednesday night.

“The Magic”, “Malia”, as they say Carlo Ancelotti, the Bernabeu from Santiago reappeared for the third time in this Champions League. He had appeared in the second leg of the first round of 16 to beat PSG 3–1 and score two miraculous goals in the final leg of 0–3 against Chelsea, which looked dramatic in the quarter. Two watchful nights pointing down the aisle for what could be Madrid’s 14th European Cup, the icing on an unexpected cake. In the final battle for the European throne, Madrid has stood 13 times, as you know: against 1956 Stade Reims (4-3), 1957 Vs. fiorentina (2-0), 1958 against Milan (3-2), 1959 against Stade Reims (2-0), 1960 vs. Intract (7-3), 1966 vs. Belgrade Partisan (2-1), 1998 against Juventus (1-0), 2000 against Valencia (3-0), 2002 vs. Bayer Leverkusen (2-1), against 2014 and 2016 strong (4-1 and 6-4 on penalties), against 2017 Juventus (4-1) and against 2018 liverpool (3-1). And he kneeled in three: 1962 (5-3 against Benfica), 1964 (3-1 against Inter) and 1981 (1-0 against Liverpool).

Surely the ‘Reds’ will be the ultimate monster of Madrid continental video games. The same team that defeated them in 1981 with that goal by Kennedy and the same team that conceded defeat in the last Champions ‘BBC’ of Madrid. now with Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester and Gareth Bale At home, Karim Benzema The hunt for new allies to lift the fifth European Cup in a generation refuses to budge. there they will be again daniel carvajali, dance, marcelo, casemiro, modric You Benzema, part of the team in 2014, in Ancelotti’s first tier, and winner of four Champions in five years. later they will arrive cross You luke To dominate Europe for three consecutive years and reclaim his throne in two real continental seasons. Last year Madrid died on the shores of Stamford Bridge after beating Liverpool in the quarter-finals and that’s the course PSG has been able to do with Mbappe, Messi You NeymarWith Chelsea, the current champions, and City of . with guardiola,

Three punches on the world football table before challenging Liverpool, who would complete their tenth appearance in the final. Out of ten they have won six (1977, 1978, 1981, 1984, 2005 and 2019) and they have already said it request After defeating Villarreal: “I want Madrid.” Yellow.

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