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Champions: New Camp Nou record and another beating by a bara who practically secured the Champions League final (5-1). champions league 2021

Barca crush the team that knocked them out of the fight for the title in 2020, before 91,648 spectators, 95 more than Real Madrid

Barcelona players celebrate one of their five goals.EFE

Lady Bara did it again. In her second match with the spectators at Camp Nou against Wolfsburg, she again broke the attendance record in a women’s football match. Along with about a hundred others. In this case, 91,648 spectators gathered at the Barca Coliseum, 95 more than those who watched the first leg of the Women’s Champions League quarter-final against Real Madrid. And then, Azulgrana signed off on such an event with a new victory: a 5-1 that practically puts the team into the second consecutive final of the highest European competition, which will be played in Turin this year. in the middle part, aetana bonmata, Caroline Graham Hansen You alexia putelas He scored four of these goals. In the second half, after Ruard closed the gap, the captain himself scored a fifth for Barcelona fans, from a penalty.

A few hours before the start of the game, apparently, the same atmosphere was not in the air the day Real Madrid set foot on the Camp Nou pitch. It is true that then it was the first time that the set of Jonathan Girldays He was going to play at the Barcelona Coliseum, supported by his public, even though the premiership, properly speaking, took place in a league derby with Espanyol, with the stands empty due to the pandemic.

Large numbers of Catalan fans, yes, once again got the team bus in the way of Barca facilities. And the truth is that the appearance of the stands in the first moments of the duel was clearly much better than the one shown on the day of the record. In this case, it should be borne in mind that the collapse of communications caused many fans to occupy their seats, of course, not late to repeat. As against Real Madrid, when the score was already showing 3-0, many of them remembered the president of the Madridista, jokingly looking for him in the stands, immediately afterward, jumping in to show it to everyone. That was, of course, Merengue fans.

four goals at halftime

On the playground, to be honest, the game had very little history. Al Barra, in fact, had enough with 45 minutes to see the decision of not only the first leg of the semi-finals, but the entire tie. In the middle part, he was able to achieve what no one had ever done in the 90 minutes of a European match: scoring four goals against Wolfsburg, Oh no problem Above all, because it is a team with two champions under its belt, who were declared cup champions last week after beating Bayern in the final (1-3), are on their way to add a league title by defeating the Bavarians. 6-0 in their last league match and now a lone goal from a Barca player to knock Barra out of the final of the top European competition in 2020 fridolina rolfo,

Swedish, right, was one of the highlights of the first part in which aetana bonmata I inaugurated the marker too soon. Bara was leading 1-0 in just three minutes. Seven minutes later, Norwegian Caroline Graham-Hansen, after a great individual action, was in charge to light 2–0. beautiful jennywith the help of Martha TorreznyScored 3-0 in the 33rd minute and alexia putelas, five minutes later he was in charge of scoring a disastrous 4–0 for Azulgrana. The team probably took their foot off the accelerator after the break and Wolfsburg closed the gap. jill ruard In a target that had to be validated by VAR. Alexia herself, when the duel died out, however, ended the task by scoring the final 5–1 from penalties.

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