Home Sport Champions: Madrid liquidate the Sheriff | Champions League 2021

Champions: Madrid liquidate the Sheriff | Champions League 2021

 Champions: Madrid liquidate the Sheriff |  Champions League 2021

Kroos during the match.AFP
  • Chronic Madrid takes the hammer against the Sheriff and achieves the passport to the second round in Transnistria
  • Classification This is how the groups look before the last match

Almost a portentous display of the Real Madrid in a country that no one recognizes. A Sheriff who never gave up, despite the fact that he had no bullets in his revolver and the speed of the shot with respect to the team of Ancelotti it was very slow.

Already in the first period, Madrid could score up to four goals. He gave him a refresher on playing football, with a wonderful Kroos, a clever Modric and a Benzema always puzzling to the Sheriff in black. And the ball did not enter until a foul Praise hit one of the ‘sheriffs’ and the incredible and unbeatable Georgios Athanasiadis, which of course lost its feeling of insurmountable.

And it was even worse emotionally for the Greek with that goal from Kroos, Madrid’s best player and in full technical and positional resources and with a wonderful vision of football. Impressive .

The Sheriff did not want to lose by a landslide, but the Madrid soccer dance was impeccable. Benzema scored her goal as a perfect watchmaker. Madrid walks towards the win. It grew like a giant, until the worst move for Madrid in the whole game arrived. The injury to Alaba, who had settled in as a defensive kaiser. Bayern did not want to renew because of his injuries. A shame

Then the game broke down. With the appearance of Lucas Vazquez, Marcelo and Nacho, Madrid suffered for 15 minutes. Until the Sheriff dropped his revolver to the ground and ended the game with a huge white flag. Admit the supreme superiority of an Ancelotti team, who have brought back the game and irresistible touch with wonderful depth.

This is the same team that Zidane had, except for the case of Alaba and one year more. His team, with irrational changes in each game, its egocentricity and its lack of talent, made Madrid a very mediocre team, especially in the last season.

There is no possible comparison between the ‘artist’ Carletto and the unbearable Zizou, who only boasts of his immense garden of luck. It was necessary for Madrid to play with this authority, with solvency, with beauty on many occasions and Ancelotti, despite what we may think due to the lack of rest of its holders, has described a glorious eleven in the sky, away from those dark clouds from previous years.

Believe it or not, it is not easy to liquidate this Sheriff of the former KGB agent, the owner of a created country casts the shadow of his partner Putin. A country called Transnistria and it seems like a mind-blowing story of today’s football. They have even invented a Sheriff in the Champions League.

Reference from elmundo